What's wrong with Microsoft's new logos?

What’s wrong with Microsoft’s new logos?

<p>What does Microsoft need to do to avoid criticism? The company released the Windows 8 operating system as a way to appeal to fans of both traditional keyboard-and-mouse-based computing and those that preferred touch-screen technology. So what happened? So far, the experiment has blown up in Microsoft’s face, with a lot of critics pointing to the disappointment of Windows 8 as one reason why PC sales are so sluggish. Now critics are even going after Microsoft for its artistic failings, proclaiming that its new logos are aesthetically unpleasing.</p> <p><b>A Quora Critic</b></p> <p>This user argues that Microsoft isn't putting time into designing artistic, aesthetically pleasing logos. Instead, the user writes, Microsoft is dashing off simplistic, minimalist logos. These logos, the assertion goes, look as if graphics pros dashed them off in a few minutes. The user adds that Microsoft has been dumbing down their logos since introducing Windows 8 and Office 2013.</p> <p><b>Not Everyone Agrees</b></p> <p>Of course, not everybody agreed. Many Quora users – a long series of them, actually – logged on to defend Microsoft’s logos. Many said that they preferred the starker, more simplified look of the new logos, proclaiming that the “less is moreâ€� aesthetic comes into play with Microsoft’s new logos.</p> <p><b>The Trend</b></p> <p>Many Quora users took the “less is moreâ€� approach, reasoning that the simpler a logo design is, the more effective it is. It’s hard to argue with this particular strategy. No one likes a logo that seems cluttered or overly complex. Today’s users, especially, want logos that let them know what to click. Most don’t care much about artistic flourishes. In this way, at least, Microsoft is a leader.</p>