What is IT Consulting?

What is IT Consulting?

Information technology often referred to by the acronym “IT”, is a term that encompasses the broad task of using and maintaining an organization’s physical technology and electronic data.

In general terms, IT involves the operation and care of:

  • computers,
  • networking
  • storage devices,
  • infrastructure and processes.

In the world of IT, the goal is ultimately to support the proper functioning of all devices and systems to allow an organization to create, securely store, process, and exchange electronic data as needed to conduct their required business processes.

Most business professionals are relatively aware of the concept and value of IT, but IT consulting is a term that many are less familiar with. However, understanding the role and value of professional IT consulting firms can be an important step towards streamlining your organization’s technological processes and improving overall outcomes in the long run.

What is IT Consulting?

IT consulting services connect your organization with a qualified consultant who has the experience and industry knowledge to effectively advise you about your organization’s IT processes. An IT consultant will consider your business requirements and goals and then recommend the best IT options to suit those needs, typically developing a customized solution.

IT consulting can include a wide range of focus areas, including selecting and setting up devices and software, resolving technical issues, improving efficiency or security, and optimizing technological infrastructure and processes.

What are the Benefits of IT Consulting Services?

A professional IT consultant can provide highly valuable insight into designing an IT strategy that serves your organization’s needs. Other benefits include:

  • Improved productivity resulting from more effective software, processes, and equipment
  • Ongoing IT assessment to adjust to changing organizational goals and needs
  • Access to expert knowledge about the latest technology
  • Ability to reach improved business outcomes and eliminate workflow obstacles

How Can I Find an IT Consulting Firm Near Me?

When your searching for a professional provider for services such as IT consulting and IT service management, selecting the right company is key. First, look for an IT firm that offers a flexible range of services, so you can select the options that properly fit your organizational needs.

It’s also important to prioritize solid experience and industry certifications. For example, look for affiliations with well-known organizations such as the Better Business Bureau and your local Chamber of Commerce, as well as tech-focused groups like the Arizona Technology Council. When you have a few candidates in mind, ask about their partner authorizations and certifications. Ideally, you’ll select a firm that partners with the software and products you either already use or want to use (e.g. Citrix, Cisco, Microsoft, Lenovo, etc.).

Finally, ask for specific examples of client feedback. Reviewing testimonials can be extremely helpful in pinpointing whether or not a specific firm is a good fit for your specific expectations and priorities.

IT Consulting in Phoenix, AZ

For more than 20 years, Enterprise Technology Services has been providing Phoenix-area businesses and organizations with practical IT solutions, customized to suit their needs. Our goal is to deliver both affordability and dependability, making excellent IT services accessible for businesses of all sizes, budgets, and types.  

Our IT consulting and integration services offer a multi-faceted approach to mastering your organization’s tech needs. ETS experts can help you with application delivery and remote access, network bandwidth optimization, network security, data storage, and more, so you can spend less time dealing with tech and more time pursuing professional goals.

Learn more about how Enterprise Technology Services our range of IT consulting services by contacting us today.