We Are On The Verge Of Unlocking Immortality

We Are On The Verge Of Unlocking Immortality

Have you ever considered the ramifications of living forever? Would you want to if it were achievable? Well, according to scientist and author Ray Kurzweil, these questions may become more relevant in the future. He conjectures that we may uncover the key to immortality in the next 20 years. This may have everything to do with nanobots replacing our blood cells.


Yes, that does sound like sci-fi. It sounds spooky, too, but Kurzweil is enthusiastic about this, and he boasts some very smart people as fans. According to Business Insider two famous and powerful Bills – Clinton and Gates – are big Kurzweil fans.


Rise of the nanobots?


Kurzweil’s ideas may seem very “out-there,” but there is a very real possibility that they will come to fruition. Over the next 20 years many scientists think that we will have found a way to stop and even reverse the aging process. After which point, Kurzweil believes nanotechnology will come into the picture, replacing human blood cells. They are able to do the work that our blood cells do but more proficiently.


Exponential technology


Kurzweil bases his predictions on the fact that technology is progressing at an exponential rate. Taking this into account, immortality may be only a few more technological leaps away.


That doesn’t, though, answer the bigger question: Should humans live forever? What will happen to the earth? Will overpopulation destroy our natural resources? And, of course, is living forever even something people want? Won’t those people who believe in an afterlife want to eventually pass from this life? These are all big questions, and if Kurzweil is to be believed, we might all soon be facing them.