Utilize Filters to Minimize Spam

Utilize Filters to Minimize Spam

Do you get a lot of spam? You don’t have to continuously put up with it; there are a few actions you can take to get spam out of your inbox and your life.

The Power of Filters

You can create a filter that whitelists all of your important emails. This in turn will send anything that doesn’t meet your credentials into a different folder that you can explore later.

A More Subtle Serving of Spam

Have you heard of bacn? It is a much more subtle type of spam compared to the discount Rolex emails. These are typically things you have opted into such as catalogs and coupons from stores you frequent. But, while you opted in at some time, you may not wish to receive these anymore.

A very simple way to get these out of your inbox is to make a filter that automatically sequesters emails with the word, “unsubscribe” in them. The CAN SPAM act requires that companies have an unsubscribe option in their promotional emails. Therefore, all emails you have opted into will have unsubscribe in them somewhere.

These two simple steps will help purge your inbox of its spam and they will certainly make you a more productive computer user. So before you decide to spend the next 30 minutes deleting the spam or bacn from your inbox, make sure to set up the filters that will ensure that your most important messages stay a priority.