Turn to Bump to Make Networking Easy

Turn to Bump to Make Networking Easy

Thanks to the increased popularity of social media sites, people are looking for faster and more convenient ways of sharing images and various files. So, it’s not surprising that iTunes has come out with a solution to this: an app called Bump.


No more emails


Using Bump means you no longer have to email files to your friends. You can simply transfer files or contact details from one smartphone to another. This can be really helpful if you are networking and wish to trade contact info easily without locating your business card.


Living up to its name


Bump is aptly named, as that is literally how you transfer files. You open up the app, pick the file option you would like and hold your phone against another’s. You then bump your hands together; this lets the application know that you want to transfer your files.


You can also bump photos from your phone to your laptop or desktop computer. Again, simply start Bump, select the “photos” option in the app, and tap your phone against your computer’s spacebar. Bump will then instantly send your photos to the proper location in your computer.


A popular app


Bump was recently updated in June of this year and has gotten more and more popular, with 90 million downloads. The Bump app is now available for both iPhone and Android phones. If you want to make sending files and contact information to individuals as easy as possible, consider Bump.