Tips To Make The Transition To Windows 8 Easier

Tips To Make The Transition To Windows 8 Easier

Windows 8 has already made a splash in the tech world. The new operating system from Microsoft looks vastly different than any system that came before. The reviews so far have been mostly kind. And as a business owner, you’re ready to upgrade to the new system. You only hope the move goes smoothly. Fortunately, you can follow quite a few strategies, covered in a recent post on the Smallbiz Technology website, to be sure that your move to Windows 8 is a painless one relatively.


Do the Research


The first thing you have to check before upgrading might seem obvious. Make sure your computer can run effectively on Windows 8. A machine must have the following requirements in order to run Windows 8: 1GB of RAM, 16GB of hard-drive space, and a 1GHz processor. These are the same requirements as Windows 7. So if you are already running Windows 7, you don’t have to check.




There are many reasons why having a secure backup of your essential documents a very good idea. But particularly before starting an upgrade it is essential. You could store your info in an external hard drive but if you feel that this can be too pricey or you simply have too much data to transfer easily, you can opt for a private cloud service. Many managed service providers (MSPs) offer these types of services. This will ensure that your essential data is secured if something goes wrong during the upgrade.


Setup utility


Microsoft has provided its own setup utility that will search your computer to ascertain if your software and drivers are supported in Windows 8. This is especially important for computers that are using Windows XP. As you might know, Microsoft will not provide support to this operating system starting in 2014. If you’re upgrading from it to Windows 8, you will have to reinstall all of your drivers and software. This means you will need to find all those installation discs that came with your software. Updating to a new operating system is never an easy task. But Windows 8 promises to be worth it. The added features that come with the system could boost your efficiency at work. Just make sure that you take the steps necessary for a safe and hassle-free Windows 8 installation.