These tech trends will change your business this year

These tech trends will change your business this year

Remember when you sent faxes to your clients every day? Today, that fax machine, if your office still has one, is more than likely covered with dust. That’s because business technology is constantly changing. Businesses must constantly adapt to these changes if they want to thrive. That’s something that CIO Magazine recognized in its recent look at the key tech trends that will change the way companies function in 2013. This year’s list is again an impressive one, demonstrating once again how fast technology is advancing. Want to keep your company on the cutting edge in 2013? Then check out these three tech trends that CIO Magazine says are changing the business world.


Hospitals and BYOD


Last year, according to CIO Magazine, the BYOD movement took hold in small businesses throughout the country. This movement, standing for bringing your own device, allowed more employees to bring their laptops and tablets to their offices, hook up to a secure network and complete their tasks using their own devices. The benefits? Employees work faster when they’re working on their own devices, increasing their productivity. And businesses cut costs by not having to provide desktop computers for all of the workers. This year, CIO Magazine predicts, even more companies will embrace BYOD. We’ll even see employees at hospitals and other highly secure businesses working on their personal iPads and laptops.


3-D Printing Continues to Soar


3-D printing became popular last year, with a growing number of businesses turning to high-tech printers to fashion plastic parts and device components. This year, 3-D printing stands to turn into an even more common tool among tech-savvy businesses. 3-D printing is an amazing technology. And those businesses who recognize this can stay a step ahead of their competitors.


The End of Passwords?


Tired of memorizing dozens of passwords? Don’t worry. The editors at CIO Magazine predict that passwords will soon go the way of the milkman. As more companies, recognizing how easy it is for hackers to crack most passwords, will depend on biometric security. As CIO explains, biometrics uses the iris of your eye, your voice or your fingerprints as security. No one can get into your computer or important accounts just by guessing that your password is your son’s name.