The Possible Future of Sight: Google Glasses

The Possible Future of Sight: Google Glasses

We have entered the age of on the go computing. But Google wishes to take it a step further. You’ve probably heard of their Project Glass initiative, which many people call Google glasses. These look like futuristic sci-fi glasses, and take being constantly connected to the next level.

A Computer Above Your Eyes

These augmented reality glasses are hands off and allow users to share images, make phone calls, and do anything that they can do with their smartphones. The only distinction is that their field of vision is the “screen”.

A Stream of Useful Information

These Google glasses are activated using voice commands. By simply speaking out loud, “where is the closest bus stop” the glasses will access a map and lead you to your destination.

This video, produced by Google, gives you a glimpse of what wearing these augmented reality glasses may be like. The video shows a man making plans throughout his day, without having to trouble with a hand held device. As he heads to meet a friend the glasses tell him that the subway is suspended then maps out walking directions for him to follow. The video demonstrates that these glasses can act as a personal assistant who stays one step ahead and makes your life run more easily.

An Unobtrusive Technology?

One of the potential problems that has been brought up about Project Glass is that the information will become a hindrance. Google has said that only information users want will be shown, and this could be more helpful than a hindrance. For example, wouldn’t it be great to just say, “take a picture” and your glasses accomplish the command without you fumbling for your camera?

Another issue that has been brought up is the possibility of being bombarded with advertisements. There are some entertaining spoof videos on YouTube regarding this. Whatever the future of Project Glass may be, one thing is for sure. This technology has a lot of potential.