The major innovations being showcased at TED 2011

The major innovations being showcased at TED 2011

The TED Conference is an event that brings together some of the top thinkers in the technology, entertainment and design fields. Each speaker is given just 18 minutes to present and demonstrate how his or her idea can change the world.

The conference, going on this week, is full of great presenters and ideas. These are just a few of them.

Ford Motor Company

Since the global population is expected to grow to 9 billion people by 2044, the people at Ford are looking for a way to prevent the constant gridlock that is seemingly inevitable on our nation’s highways and streets.

Ford predicts that cars in the future will “talk to each other.” Ford’s SYNC technology is the first iteration of the connected car technology and it is already used in 3 million vehicles. SYNC performs many functions. Among them: 911 Assist, real-time traffic updates, and Vehicle Health Reports.

Ford expects the technology to improve to the point that cars will be able to help each other avoid traffic, among other things, by sending real-time information to one another.

Bluefin Labs

Deb Roy is the co-founder of Bluefin Labs and his presentation centered on the first 90,000 hours of his son’s life and the video that went along with it. Roy’s team built a machine-learning system that analyzed the video and broke down the evolution of his son’s learning.

Roy hopes that this technology can be expanded to analyze even more things. Currently, the technology is being used to analyze the intersection between TV audiences and their online reactions to programming and advertisements.

The technology, if used properly, could potentially help all sorts of businesses to better understand their impact on their audiences and build better relationships.

These are just two of the many innovative ideas that were showcased at TED 2011. For even more interesting ideas, check out this Inc. article.