Smartphone Charging Pads

Smartphone Charging Pads

You use your smartphone to order movie tickets, download your favorite songs, and make online reservations at the new French restaurant. But, if your smartphone battery dies, you can’t do any of this. And let’s face it, charging your smartphone the old-fashioned way is a drag. You have to plug your charger into an outlet leaving it connected long enough to give it sufficient power.

Now by using a smartphone charge pad, charging your phone is much simpler.

Charge your phone wirelessly

Charge pads are mats that allow devices to be charged wirelessly. Just by laying your device on the mat it will begin to charge, this virtually eliminates cord mess and searching for an outlet. You can also charge multiple devices, including iPods and tablets, at the same time using these mats.

But how do these devices work? Fundamentally, a charge pad relies on electro-magnetic induction charging. They generate a magnetic field atop the mat that provides power to the batteries of your gadgets.

Charge pads a technology in progress

You would imagine that these would be more popular then they are. But, there are a couple of reasons why they are not. To start with, they are a bit costly, often costing as much as the gadgets you want to charge.

Next, they take up space. For people looking to save space and eliminate mess, this negates their purpose.

An improving wireless world

As technology improves we are sure to see smaller, more efficient, and cheaper charging pads that can be purchased. Eventually, my guess is that these will be must-have items.