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For many years, ETS has consistently ranked among the very top computer service and repair organizations in Arizona. (Source: Arizona Business Journal and Ranking Arizona Magazine). In fact, each year we also rank among the very top companies in these following categories: Network Integrators and Computer Consultants.

Computer Repair & Service

The role of the IT department has changed drastically as commerce becomes increasingly automated. Gone are the days when IT technicians focused solely on removing viruses and fixing fax machines. Information technology is now the backbone of the sale inventory, customer service, data management, accounting, project management, and security components of a company. Thus, when the system goes down it is no longer a minor inconvenience; operations can be drawn to a halt.

Because of this, many businesses are outsourcing IT work to companies who specialize in the area and bring the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to the table. Here are some of the most common services companies count on IT vendors like Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) to provide:

Computer Diagnosis

Sometimes computer equipment may stop working without any apparent reason. When this happens, you will need to call in a licensed professional to make a full diagnosis and present you with the best alternatives to resolve the issue. Keep in mind that sometimes the best solution may be new hardware or software, especially if the equipment is old. At ETS, we support a wide variety of equipment.

Network Optimization

If your network has been slow or glitchy lately, then it may need to be optimized. To achieve this, technicians assess and diagnose issues with the network, then work to resolve these issues, improving speed and reducing glitches.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Viruses and spyware can infect the computers of even the most tech-savvy. All it takes is one click on a bad link or being directed to an infected website. Some of the common signs of virus and spyware infection, include pop-ups, error messages, disappearing storage space, and even having your browser homepage redirected to an unfamiliar site.

If you notice these signs, have your computer inspected and cleaned immediately as viruses may cause files to disappear and spyware may compromise confidential information.

Screen Repairs

Companies all across the globe are investing in mobile offices. This allows employees of the company to work from home or while traveling via smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Unfortunately, one of the most significant risks of a mobile office is dropping the devices and cracking or completely shattering the screen. When this happens, the screen will need to be replaced by a professional. A thorough diagnosis may also be necessary to ensure nothing else is damaged.

Tech Sales

Sometimes, no matter how good a technician is, a device simply cannot be repaired or old, unsupported software programs cannot be revived when it crashes. There will also be situations where the cost of repair is roughly the same as purchasing new equipment. When this happens, having trusted IT specialists who provide information on the specs, brands, and specific equipment that best suits your needs can save you money and repair problems down the road.

At ETS, we partner with top brands like Cisco, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Lenovo to bring you the best options every time.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Sometimes disaster cannot be stopped as it barrels towards your business. You can, however, prepare for the worst. Some companies choose to store physical copies of their documents and information, while others prefer to backup data to the cloud–smart companies do both. When companies fail to keep current backups, then it becomes necessary to extract information from devices where possible. This is known as disaster recovery.

Enterprise Technology Services

In today’s dynamic business world, the role of technology is continuously changing, and so will the role of the technicians who install, monitor, and repair the tech that businesses use. If you are looking to expand, upgrade, or provide better support for the technology in your business, contact us today to get started with computer and repair service.

IT Integration and Support… since 1998!

Since 1998, ETS has delivered affordable, high quality IT integration and support services to the Arizona business community. We have steadily upgraded our facilities, support tools and processes to reinforce an absolute commitment to customer service and support. Today, our capabilities meet or exceed any computer service and support organization in Arizona.

10,500 sq ft service/sales facility

Convenient location for quick onsite response throughout the Valley

Extended service hours to better serve our clients (7:30AM – 5:30PM, Monday-Friday)

Emergency (24x7x365) service hours for contracted clients

First class bench repair and test lab facilities

Fast computer repair turnaround

Authorized warranty service provider for top manufacturers

Support for server operating systems and applications

Help Desk support

Expert network-level engineering support w/high level technical certifications

Depot or onsite service options

Service programs and IT Management programs to meet your specific needs

Very competitive hourly rates

One of the largest and most experienced computer maintenance and support teams in Arizona


Office Hours & Location

7:30AM – 5:30PM M-F
730 North 52nd Street
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Client Feedback

“We have used ETS as our IT partner for over 5 years – There is a lot of competition out there for your hardware, software and IT service business – ETS wins that battle with great prices, the right software and exceptional support.”

Mark Roberts
VirMedice, LLC

“ETS is an excellent full service IT company that goes above and beyond the normal industry standards. I have been in the industry a long time and worked with many other IT companies but ETS is my go-to company for all my customers. The staff and support is knowledgeable and extremely customer centric.”

Joseph Sorensen
Senior Account Executive
Cox Communications