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Organizations in the real estate market are growing a need for adequate IT infrastructure that they can rely on for property, mortgage, and consumer information. IT management solutions can increase efficiency, improve the quality of production, service delivery, help in making informed decisions, reduce costs, and draw in more clients.

Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) has been at the forefront of supporting real estate management companies in the greater Phoenix area with comprehensive IT solutions. Our managed IT solutions are uniquely positioned to support the needs of any organization that has limited IT infrastructure. Our experience in the commercial real estate industry not only enables us to integrate and manage IT solutions but address the unique challenges in this industry.

Why You Need Stable IT Management Services

In today’s competitive real estate market, you need an effective and efficient IT solution whether you’re working with clients that are buying, selling, or refinancing. Digitizing your real estate office will help your company comply with the ever-stricter legal requirements while upgrading your operational efficiency and customer service. ETS provides quality IT management solutions that allow commercial real estate firms in task and transaction management, electronic document exchange, and storage of data in one secure, centralized location.

The commercial real estate industry requires content-heavy and creative marketing. Understanding the needs and the capabilities of customers is crucial. Your marketing tools and strategies should be tightly integrated with lead generation and management.

Institutions in the real estate market deal with large amounts of confidential consumer data that have to be kept secure at all times. Businesses need to have peace of mind while operating knowing that all their files are protected. That is why Enterprise Technology Services specializes in providing the right systems backups and business continuity solutions to restore and secure data. With this, real estate managers can focus on their growth, increased report accuracy, innovation, and the highest quality customer services.

Client Success Stories

We have successfully worked with various businesses in implementing IT solutions that allow businesses to operate with reduced costs and achieve customer satisfaction and rapid growth. One of these companies is Commercial Door and Hardware, Inc.; a company that manufactures and distributes commercial-architectural flush wood doors and hollow metal doors throughout Arizona. While they had the reputation of providing consistent and high-quality products and services, their computer systems were unreliable, and system downtimes created a hurdle in getting the job done within budget and on schedule.

ETS was able to lay down a strategy that would enable the company to achieve absolute data security, improved system performance, and system reliability. We were able to implement system changes, and now we remotely monitor the network and computer systems to identify potential issues and fix them before they become a menace.

If your commercial real estate business is in need of IT management support, please contact one of our friendly experts to discuss your business’s needs and possible solutions. Let us help you maximize efficiency and your bottom line.



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