PowerPoint: Keep a Captive Audience

PowerPoint: Keep a Captive Audience

I’m sure you’ve had to sit through bland PowerPoint presentations before. It seems like they go on forever and you barely retain any of the information. What a waste of time right? If you concur, make your next presentation more unique with some of the ideas below.

Don’t Forget Creativity

Just because PowerPoint is easy to use, doesn’t mean you get to be lazy. Making a good presentation still takes imagination. Try thinking of out of the box methods to capture your audiences attention, or make a certain slide unforgettable. Perhaps a quote that captures what you are speaking about while that slide is up. Your audience will not remember your presentation if you use too many slides filled with bullet points of repetitive information.

Rather, use the opportunity of having a visual aid to enhance your presentation. That is the advantage of using PowerPoint; to help memory retention through visual stimulation.

Come with Solutions

Giving solutions or insights into the data you present is yet another way to help make your PowerPoint noteworthy. If your meeting is not only to inform your audience but get them to consider the data and possibly come up with ideas for improvement or change, get them thinking along the same lines as you by offering them some creative ideas to ponder.

Also, if your presentation gives some important information, expand on that. For example, if sales dropped considerably last quarter, explain why. You are providing them with the information anyway, so expanding on it can only help to provide them with a well rounded picture of the company and what they can do to improve or help things.

Don’t Get Too Fancy

We said to get creative but that doesn’t mean you should utilize all the gimmicks that PowerPoint offers. Many managers throw in needless or annoying images in an attempt to grab attention. Any unnecessary images will only serve as a disruption. Then they will only remember the cute jumping dog in the corner of the slide instead of the information you were offering. A frequent mistake you will want to avoid as well, is reading the slides verbatim. Your audience does not want to read along with you. Instead, leave the slide up for enough time for them to read the three bullets while verbally expanding on the single most important one. This way you can save your breath and avoid exhausting your audience’s attention span with redundancy.