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Delivering Expert Results

For any client engagement, the overarching goal of our Project Managers or Project Leaders is strict adherence to the guidelines set forth in our Project Management Methodology. Such a disciplined approach helps to ensure a successful project, including timeframe and budget objectives.

We employ our own IT Project Management framework based on industry standard “best practices” for every IT project. Whether your company requires oversight and coordination of a small project or full blown project management of an enterprise roll-out, ETS has the knowledge and experience to deliver expert results.

Every project requires some form of the 4D’s (discovery, design, development and deployment) to ensure a successful implementation; our experienced Project Managers and Project Coordinators can help put the pieces together. Our Project Management staff is responsible for project deliverables, scheduling of tasks, resource allocation, milestones and every necessary element of the Project Management lifecycle. Additional duties include team accountability and responsibility, measuring task performance, identifying and mitigating risk, and managing proposed changes to the schedule along with overall costs.

Key components of our Project Management Methodology include:



Scope Identification

Phase Definitions

Major Milestones

Post Deployment Support


Project Review and Acceptance



Client Feedback

“I was unaware of how poorly my in-house IT resources were performing until I encountered ETS. After I decided to outsource, ETS sent a SWAT team for an initial assessment. The results almost made me ill. We had all the makings of a total IT meltdown. Within a matter of a few days, ETS had us out of the danger zone and within a few weeks, we were rock-solid.”

Kevin Sandler
CEO and President
ExhibitOne Corporation