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Optimize your Network’s Performance

ETS utilizes the latest in Network Performance optimization technologies to help our clients establish a highly efficient wide area and local area networks. We start by establishing our customers’ requirements then assess the “as is” state of the network by utilizing a suite of optimization tools and decades of experience. Once we complete the assessment, we develop a “should be” design based on industry standard best practices. Our engineers begin implementing their network design, testing along the way, until your network infrastructure is optimally tuned.

The keys to every optimization project are to have the expertise, tools, and processes that can systematically look at all layers of the network and quickly isolate the bottleneck(s).

performance_graphicETS employs certified Consulting Engineers with extensive experience in virtualization, routing, switching, storage, SQL, WAN acceleration, remote access, wireless, security, and network design. As our client, you will benefit from our experience. We can help you squeeze more performance and longevity from your existing network and server infrastructure with industry leading solutions.

Network Performance Optimize

When working with a non-optimized network, many frustrations tend to arise. Data transfer is slow, connectivity is lost continuously at the worst possible times, and it is almost commonplace for the systems that rely on the network to go down at crucial moments. Therefore, the main goals of ETS technicians when working to optimize your network’s performance are to increase speed, functionality, and reliability without losing cost-effectiveness. To achieve this goal, there are several specific factors we at Enterprise Technology Services put an emphasis on.

Network Design

The best time to design a new network structure is when you’re in the process of setting up shop, moving shop or upgrading. If you are in any of these transitory phases, this allows technicians to build a new structure from the ground up and customize it to meet your specific needs. Through our partnership with companies like Cisco, Citrix, Dell and SonicWall, we are also able to ensure you get the best possible equipment and software necessary to optimize the performance of your network.

Assessment & Testing

If your business or network is not in a new or transitioning phase, there is hope. Our technicians will provide a thorough assessment of your existing network. During this process, we look for potential issues that may slow down your network and render it ineffective. We may also troubleshoot problems that arise and test various solutions to see which ones best resolve the issues. Remember that every network is different and what may resolve the issues on one may do very little to solve the problems of another.


Network virtualization facilitates the central management of a network system via an administrative console. If the network includes storage, then this may also be included as part of the central system. Virtualization is also best used for networks that expect different and rapid increases and decreases in usage over time. As a result, network virtualization helps to improve data transfer speeds, reliability and overall scalability of the system.


Most people are now familiar with what a router is, but perhaps not what it does. Put simply; a router operates like stop lights policing controlled intersections. It routes traffic on the network through the most efficient paths to ensure devices connect correctly and that the traffic generated by users of these devices move along smoothly with little congestion. Naturally, this is one of the critical elements of improving data transfer speeds.

Hardware Upgrade

If hardware issues are the source of the slow-down, our technicians may suggest hardware upgrades. Some of the leading hardware pieces you can expect to upgrade include servers, routers, network switches, and data cables.

Cloud Support

While cloud computing is increasingly becoming a staple of modern businesses, it nonetheless takes a toll on WAN acceleration. In short, it slows down the system. As a result, our technicians use a range of technologies to improve the bandwidth of the WAN system so as not to cause a bottleneck in the network.

Network Security

One of the main perks of cloud computing is remote access, even when it comes to the maintenance of the network. However, this increases the risk and ease of a security breach. As a result, companies with cloud computing included as part of their Network Performance Optimization must make network security a priority. This is especially true for companies that use and store confidential information, such as, hospitals, medical coding companies, law firms, online stores, and subscription services.

Optimizing Your Network With Enterprise Technology Services

Maintaining a fast and secure network at your business reduces many of the hiccups that can get in the way of productivity in the office. Resolving these issues not only keeps your employees happy but your customers as well. Are you ready to get started? Contact Enterprise Technology Services for a free consultation today.

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“During our firm’s 7+ year relationship with Enterprise Technology Services, we have been assisted through computer and server upgrades with little to no interruption and/or down time; we have experienced fast response on emergency situations, friendly and knowledgeable technicians and customer service representatives. With ETS on our side, we have a sense of comfort knowing that all of our computer/server/network needs are very well taken care of.”

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