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Network Infrastructure Design

Network infrastructure design is more than just hooking up the cables and hardware of a network and changing a few settings in your server. The process involves modifying the software and network protocols for your needs, your employees, and your computers. Network Infrastructure design is a process comprising network synthesis, topological design, and network realization, aimed at ensuring a network or service meets the need of the operator and subscriber. Before applications and servers can be integrated into your network’s environment, you’ll need to have a proper infrastructure set up.

From file and database servers to web servers, your software and computers can communicate within the network through the available infrastructure. However, no matter how good your infrastructure is, the system will not run efficiently if the Network Infrastructure Design is poor and causes network congestion.

Increased Network Speed in Phoenix, Arizona

When your network infrastructure is set up properly, your business will experience improved connectivity and speeds that drive better performance. We understand the importance of having a stable and secure network infrastructure and ensuring that critical business and data applications are available on a 24 hours basis.

Improved Productivity Of IT System

The environment of your IT system is one of the most important factors when it comes to an understanding of how your business is reaching your profit goals. With an expertly designed network, you should see improvement in many areas of your business, including increased flexibility, improved service and scalability, lower maintenance needs, and heightened security.

At ETS, we help assess the need to change or migrate your hardware and software to the cloud. In the changing competitive landscape, your IT infrastructure carries all the weight, and a proper design helps identify gaps on your network, eliminate legacy systems, and finds ways to improve your productivity and operational gains.

Heightened Scalability Network Design

A properly designed and scalable network can be easily changed without the need of a complete overhaul. Your network needs to be functional and reliable at all hours to avoid distractions and disruptions that could affect your bottom line. Success in this starts with the design of your infrastructure. With improved efficiency and security capabilities, you’ll experience increased business activity with classified clients.

Network File Sharing

Your employees are only as effective and efficient as the network system and resources you’re using on a daily basis. If you want to get the most from your employees, investing in well-designed network infrastructure is crucial. File collaboration becomes seamless when you have cloud storage solution and managed services for your business. Network infrastructure design makes it possible to share and control files when you need them quickly and securely in or out of office.

Contact Enterprise Technology Service in Phoenix, Arizona, our techs understand the elements and components required to ensure a reliable connection between devices is achieved. With the number of attack vectors expanding, we also add security features to your system to defend against these threats. If you have a clumsy and dated network design, ETS can help improve its efficiency and effectiveness, so you’ll have a design that’s easy to use, versatile and easy to update.

We assess, review, and address all aspects of the network infrastructure. Backed by a superior combination of top-tier methodologies, vast research, and multidisciplinary experts, our skilled technicians provide you with quality and most up-to-date services to help your business better develop strong network posture, achieve strategic IT and business objectives, and cost control.

We design a plan that meets your current and future needs, providing a technological solution that’s as unique as your company. Our services provide in-depth insight into capacity constraints and network utilization to improve performance, operational dimensions, and security and compliance requirements. Once your network is designed and operational, ETS can provide ongoing remote management and other network support services. Contact us to learn how our experts can improve the functionality of your network infrastructure.

Every ETS consulting engagement follows a well-defined and proven methodology, built and refined by our own network engineering staff to ensure quality and consistency for each valued client.

ETS Consulting Methodology

Aim_graphicAs our client, you will directly benefit from our structured approach to network design and integration services. More predictable results, less risk, and lower project costs are some key reasons to invest in our consulting services.

The Assessment phase addresses one of the most fundamental requirements for project success—unification of the project team behind a common vision! The team must have a clear vision of what it wants to accomplish for the client and then state it in terms that will motivate and direct the entire project team and client stakeholders. Creating a high-level view of the project’s goals and constraints can serve as an early form of planning and set the stage for the more formal planning process that will take place during the project’s Design and Development phase.

The Design and Development phase is when the bulk of the project planning is completed. Early in this phase, the project team analyzes and documents all project requirements.

These requirements fall into four broad categories:

  1. Business Requirements
  2. User Requirements
  3. Operational Requirements
  4. System Requirements

The design is comprised of the following elements:

  1. Conceptual Design
  2. Logical Design
  3. Physical Design

The Design and Development phase accomplishes most of the building of solution components, including documentation and infrastructure deployment. However, some development work may continue into the Deployment phase in response to testing.

The Design and Development phase culminates in the ‘scope complete’ milestone. At this milestone, all features are complete and the solution is ready for external testing and stabilization. This milestone is the opportunity for the clients’ users, operations and support personnel, and key project stakeholders to evaluate the solution and identify any remaining issues that must be addressed before the solution is released.

The Deployment phase includes testing on the solution when features are completely implemented. Testing during this phase emphasizes usage and operation under realistic environmental conditions. The project team focuses on resolving and preparing the solution for release.

The Deployment phase culminates in the ‘release readiness’ milestone. Once reviewed and approved, the solution is ready for full deployment to the live production environment.



Client Feedback

“Holsum Bakery has been using ETS services for many years. They have been very timely in responding to our needs, including services, parts or supplies. Their technical assistance has helped solve many issues with a minimum of outage time. We are a 24×7 shop and cannot afford to be down for any reason. ETS has helped us maintain this efficiency.”

Mike Canning
Systems Administrator
Holsum Bakery, Inc.