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IT Life cycle Management planning will contemplate the short-term and long-term aspects of your technology infrastructure. Upfront costs for technology acquisition and deployment represent only a small fraction of the total costs of ownership (TCO). Enterprise Technology Services has extensive experience managing and supporting client environments throughout the technology lifecycle, from acquisition and deployment to operational support, disposal, and refresh.

IT Asset Lifecycle Management Solution

Scalability is an essential component of a company’s success. To successfully scale, you need IT assets. If these assets are poorly managed, issues including equipment shortages and inefficient spending can arise. Companies focused on scaling employ strategic improvements to meet business needs and stay ahead of the competition. This often requires ample internal resources for implementing strategic initiatives. When you partner with ETS, we can handle asset lifecycle management for you.

The ALM process manages the usage and maintenance of IT assets throughout your period of ownership. The life cycle of each asset is defined by a sequence of five stages that include procurement, deployment and discovery, maintaining, support, and retirement and disposal. During this lifecycle, standardized procedures are put in place for timely distribution. This reduces workplace interruptions, boosts asset visibility, and minimizes the risk of aging and lost equipment. Additionally, the process of upgrading and refreshing hardware is optimized during the assets’ lifespan. In the process, performance and security issues are mitigated.

The overall outcome is the reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO), which means the indirect and direct cost associated with the assets is reduced. Other benefits of an ALM solution include:

  • Improvement in the quality of your IT services
  • Enhanced ability to pinpoint the exact TCO for each asset
  • Better capability to anticipate the need for replenishing resources
  • Improved ability to make well-informed purchasing decisions
  • Advanced capacity to forecast your needs

At ETS, we have a highly-trained staff of technology professionals who follow industry best practices. This helps ensure the proper management of your assets. We have the expertise required for streamlining ALM. As a result, you can invest your time, energy, and resources into implementing critical initiatives and growing your company.

Secure an IT Lifecycle Manager for Your Team

IT lifecycle management requires in-depth oversight to ensure all goes well. There are many moving parts to consider when dealing with new product installation, operational support, disposal, and refresh. There are a variety of issues that can arise that can hinder the optimization of your IT infrastructure. This includes a lapsed business-critical contract, the purchase of duplicate software licenses, and asset mergers and acquisitions that have no oversight or documentation.

These types of issues can be handled with an IT Lifecycle Manager. Here at ETS, we can step in and function in that capacity. When you partner with us, we can handle all the details ranging from tracking licenses and warranties to providing analytics for budgeting upgrades and replacements.

Tailored IT Lifecycle Management

We know every business is unique. There is no room for cookie-cutter solutions when it comes to the management of your IT assets. ETS is well-equipped to offer you customized technology configurations. This way, less time is spent on implementation and removing technology throughout your company. It also reduces deployment costs.

IT Life Cycle Management

The foundation of ETS is built on long-term client relationships. Our customers look to us for guidance throughout the IT lifecycle management process. We listen – and we get results. Let us put our two decades of experience to work for you. Contact us now for a free consultation.  

Let ETS help take the guesswork out of your IT lifecycle management plan!

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