Our Relationship with Technology

Our Relationship with Technology

When you were a kid, you were probably amazed at the graphics on the Atari 64 until Mattel released their Intellivision video game system. Then you realized how outdated the Atari really looked. As new systems became available, for example, the ColecoVision, the Intellivisions graphic paled in comparison.

As an adult, your perspective is probably a little different. Technology changes quickly and your most recent state-of-the-art gadget becomes obsolete as soon as the bigger and better thing is released.

Technology is constantly changing

This rapid technological advancement is not something that should be a surprise to anyone. We consistently see new technology come out with a better version right on its tail. Consumers should not expect technologies to last long in today’s constantly advancing environment.

Need tech help? Ask your kid

Additionally, kids are now better with new technology than their parents. This has been going on forever, so it should no longer be a surprising fact to anyone. Just look at yourself. If you’re in your 40s, you grew up without the Internet. Your kids, though, likely don’t remember a time when the Internet didn’t exist. It’s little surprise, then, that kids adjust faster to new technology. Kids have a tendency to adjust faster to anything that’s new, be it high-tech or no-tech.

Today’s hot tech is tomorrow’s obsolete operating system

Consumers should not be surprised when computer operating systems become quickly obsolete. The truth is, companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple are continuously updating and adapting. This means that they’re constantly working on new operating systems designed to make the computing process more intuitive and enjoyable. You can either accept the new operating systems or fight them. If you choose the latter, though, remember one thing: You’ll be left behind with an outdated system while your friends, and competitors, are experiencing the next big thing.