Not using Word 2013? You're missing out

Not using Word 2013? You’re missing out

It’s the big question: Should you upgrade to Microsoft Word 2013, the newest version of Microsoft’s popular word-processing program. As stated by the editors at PC World Magazine the answer is definitely yes. PC World just recently ran a feature story praising the latest version of Word, and discussing several new features that could dramatically enhance productively. Before you decide whether it’s upgrade time, take a look at these new features that PC World praises.

A better design tab

Microsoft Word 2013 comes with a host of design options. Utilizing the program’s better-organized design tab, it is easy to choose colors, fonts and themes. When you find a combination that you prefer, you can easily click on the “Set as Default� option to bring this combination up every time you create a new Word document. You also have the option of previewing themes prior to deciding to apply them to a Word document.

A better reading experience

Do you spend lots of time reading Word documents? Perhaps you even spend more time reading than creating documents? Then Word 2013 is definitely for you. As PC World says, the 2013 version of this program offers a Read option. This feature makes reading Word documents a far more pleasant experience. If you choose Read, your Word document will automatically resize itself so that it fits perfectly on your screen. Read even offers navigation arrows that allow you to easily scroll through a document or flip pages.

Making PDFs Less of a Hassle

It is often frustrating to read or edit PDF files in previous versions of Word. This is no longer the situation. Word 2013 enables users to open PDF files quickly. And, even better, it allows them to edit them, too, without forcing them to work with a third-party application. Users can also use Word 2013 to maneuver images around a PFD file or to modify or edit the numbers or text contained in charts or tables. It’s a fantastic feature for users who frequently work on PDF files.