New Features in Citrix XenDesktop 4

New Features in Citrix XenDesktop 4

Over 70 new desktop virtualization features and enhancements have been added to XenDesktop 4, helping to increase the Citrix lead in virtual desktop technology. XenDesktop 4 provides the best high definition user experience in the desktop virtualization market, with better reliability and higher availability than a traditional PC. Key new capabilities of XenDesktop 4 include:

FlexCast™ desktop delivery technology
Different types of workers across the enterprise need different types of desktops. Some require simplicity and standardization, while others need performance and personalization. With FlexCast delivery, IT can deliver the best desktop for every user, every time.

This powerful capability gives customers the flexibility to deliver any type of virtual desktop on any device – and to change this mix at any time. XenDesktop with FlexCast allows customers to use any combination of the virtual desktop technologies, all orchestrated from one, and managed centrally.

HDX Enhancements
The new HDX enhancements in XenDesktop 4 ensure the best possible user experience for multimedia content, real-time communication, USB peripherals and 3D graphics, regardless of the network or endpoint device. XenDesktop delivers HDX experience for every user, while utilizing 90 percent less bandwidth than competing solutions.
• HDX 3D for Professional Graphics – Extends desktop virtualization to advanced users of CAD/CAM and engineering applications, even over WAN connections. HDX 3D consumes 90% less bandwidth on average compared to competing solutions.
• HDX MediaStream for Flash – HDX MediaStream for Flash provides an outstanding optimization for Windows online plug-in (client) users on low latency network connections. Leveraging the user device for direct content fetching and rendering, it delivers a high definition user experience and improves network bandwidth efficiency and server scalability by an order of magnitude.
• HDX MediaStream enhanced delivery of server-rendered video – New dynamic frame rate adjustment works in conjunction with bandwidth estimation to optimize video and graphics delivery over WAN and Internet connections.
• HDX Plug-n-Play flexible multi-monitor support – Application compatibility with multi-monitor configurations has been improved and users now have greater control via the Desktop Viewer toolbar. Supported multi-monitor configurations include special arrangements such as U, L, T, reverse L and inverse T. Screens can be of different sizes, resolutions and orientations.
• HDX RealTime webcam support – XenDesktop 4 now supports webcams via the new isochronous USB remoting
capabilities. This enables LAN-connected users to plug in a webcam and enjoy video conferencing with applications such as Microsoft Office Communicator and Skype.
• HDX RealTime audio codec technology – With the new “Optimized for speech” codec, HDX RealTime delivers clear audio quality to softphone and voice chat users with very modest bandwidth consumption.
• HDX IntelliCache with Citrix Branch Repeater – Provides tokenized compression and data de-duplication, dramatically reducing bandwidth requirements and improving performance for users at branch office locations. XenDesktop 4 Platinum Edition has been tested with Branch Repeater 5.5.

On-demand apps by XenApp™
With application virtualization, IT can control data access, manage fewer images, eliminate system conflicts, and reduce application regression testing – simplifying desktop management complexity and cost by up to 50%.

Full Windows 7 Support
The XenDesktop introduces full support for Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit. With XenDesktop 4, migrating to Windows 7 is as fast and simple as configuring a single master image and assigning users.