Never lose power again with these top battery packs

Never lose power again with these top battery packs

What’s more aggravating than watching your smartphone or laptop slowly but steadily run out of power as you travel? Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer through this. That’s because external battery packs let you plug virtually any tablet, smartphone or laptop into them. The battery packs energize your dying devices. But which external battery pack to choose? The Lifehacker Web site asked its readers to rank their preferred battery packs. Here’s what the readers had to say.

Anker Astro

Anker produces three solid external battery packs in its Astro line, the 3E, 4E and Pro. All three devices ranked high among Lifehacker readers, mainly for the powerful charges they provide. Readers also enjoy the Astro line’s small sizes and even smaller price tags.

New Trent

New Trent’s external battery packs – the iCarrier and iGeek – both scored high with Lifehacker readers, too. These models, also, hold a lot of power, and the devices feature an easy-to-read indicator light that tells you easily how much charge the battery pack has in it.

Energizer XP

Want a versatile external battery pack? Try any battery from the Energizer XP line. These external battery packs come packaged with a wide selection of cables and tips. These accessories let you quickly connect to pretty much any gadget, even smartphones or laptops which are several years old.