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Most of our clients consider ETS to be part of their staff as we focus on helping them gain control of their computer network, improve quality of service, and reduce associated costs. As a result, they can divert their attention from the day-to-day hassles and focus more of their time on strategic issues.

Through our service, ETS offers a customized set of essential network management and support programs that are adapted to the specific needs of your company for seamless integration into your organization and its processes.

Managed IT Services

Benefits of Managed IT

With the support of Enterprise Technology Services, you’ll have greater control of your network and reduced operating costs. We take care of the chore work, so you can focus on the core work. Your staff will be more productive, and your users will have a faster, more consistent experience. Our customized approach to management and support ensures that our clients will have access to everything they need, and won’t pay for any unnecessary services along the way. Flexible pricing combines with a tailored approach to create maximum value for each and every client. The insights gained through our partnership may even lead your team to the next big breakthrough.

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Our clients can lean on Enterprise Technology Services as a trusted partner, and we’ll integrate completely to work as an extension of your existing team. We can work with all of your existing software to make the partnership as seamless as possible. Rely on our skills and expertise without needing to rework your process, organizational structure, or core programs. Our team is certified by several key software providers, and our staff is flexible enough to integrate our efforts with your custom software.

IT Service Management Capabilities

Our ability to tailor our services to unique situations s part of the reason we’ve earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Enterprise Technology Services clients are all different and therefore have unique needs. A one-size-fits-all solution isn’t suitable for organizations that want to grow into their own. Our core strength is that we offer diverse capabilities to suit every company.

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Our strengths include:

Clients can select the programs and packages that fit their needs to develop a customized solution. Our account team excels at identifying the most effective way to pair our capabilities with your needs.


In addition to our network support and help desk services, Enterprise Technology Services clients receive access to our wide network of affiliates. Our team has the skills and expertise to assist with every level of your technology plan, and enough connections to fill in any gaps.

We’re affiliated with:

With those connections, and certifications from software giants like

  • Microsoft,
  • Citrix,  
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise,

We have the network and capabilities to connect you with all the technology solutions you need.

Our primary network management programs:

Critical Care

Offers the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go service without sacrificing critical IT network management functions. The small recurring monthly fee includes 24×7 network monitoring, problem alert management, routine network maintenance and scheduled network administration such as security patch updates and antivirus management. As needed, you have access to a large team of certified field engineers, network engineers and senior level consultants, all at preferred hourly rates afforded every ProView client.

Managed Care

Includes all the essential services of our Critical Care program AND includes unlimited remote and onsite alert remediation, no matter the level of expertise needed. All network support and remediation work is performed within strict service level guarantees for both remote and onsite response times. Delivers support at a fraction of the cost of in-house network management and support personnel.

Managed Care Plus

Includes all the services featured in our Managed Care program PLUS unlimited telephone “help desk” support for end users. If you need the ultimate in comprehensive IT network management and desktop support, this is our best program!


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Client Feedback

“ETS has the people with the skills and expertise ready to help us at all levels – whenever we need it. I know ETS gives us a much bigger bang for our IT buck than any other alternative.”

Eileen Cummings
VP Operations
Commercial Door and Hardware

“Expert Managed Service provider and a great IT partner for our business!”

Joel Wilhelm
Senior Account Manager
Phoenix NAP Data Center