Manage your projects effectively with these online tools

Manage your projects effectively with these online tools

As a small business, there is a good chance you have to manage projects and people that are not always located in one area.  So how do you manage these projects and off location employees while still having the capacity to share updates, documents, and assign tasks?

Project management solutions

Conveniently enough, many project management tools are available that make handling all of these things easier.  Using these tools will help your small business in coordinating projects and keeping employees and clients up-to-date. Here’s a few available options:


Basecamp is still one of the most widely used online project management tools for entrepreneurs. There is a simple reason for this: It offers an easily understood interface that allows you to quickly manage any of your small business projects. You can access the system to communicate with project managers, assign new tasks, give your okay to submitted documents and marketing materials, or plan meetings. You can even enable your clients to access Basecamp to allow them to offer comments on the work that you as well as your team have already carried out.


From the creators of Inuit, Quickbase is reasonably similar to Basecamp with its capacity to serve both large and small businesses. It provides a simple and easy to use interface.


For the more creative projects, like marketing and advertising, Huddle is perfect. Certainly one of this tool’s perks is its live-conferencing tool. If you need to assemble the team in a quick and easy fashion, this tool lets you, no matter where your team members might be.


Deskaway permits you to keep clients and employees up to date by using snapshots of a project’s progression. It has the functionality to create and post blogs determined by individual projects as well as keep in touch about important updates with ease.

There are lots of other online project management tools that will help you keep stronger control over your business’ marketing campaigns, new product launches, and website development. This is good news. It allows you to find the one project management tool that best fits you and your business.