Looking for a printer for your small business? Here are some tips

Looking for a printer for your small business? Here are some tips

Business owners prefer to believe that paper will soon be a thing of the past. After all, we send nearly all of our correspondence through e-mail today, right? Plus there is texting and social media. When it comes to storing documents, it’s easier to keep them in the cloud. That way, businesses don’t have to clutter their offices with reams of paper and printouts. Even so, the unfortunate fact is that small business owners today aren’t free of paper.


Can’t turn away business


That’s because some of the clients with which you’ll deal still haven’t gone paperless. They’re either not willing or unable to transition into a paperless system. In order to keep their business, you’ll have to provide them with printouts listing your transactions with them. Fortunately, there are still an abundance of high-quality small enterprise printers today. Writer Paul Mah, with Small Business Computing.com, offers several recommendations on finding the right one for your business.




First, you need to decide if you need a multi-function printer. Such printers, as their name suggests, do more than simply print. Additionally, they scan, photocopy and fax. Such printers make sense for firms that perform these other functions. These printers, because of their many functions, are usually more expensive. If your business rarely faxes or makes photocopies, a unit dedicated solely to printing will make more sense.


Laser vs. Inkjet


What makes more sense for your small enterprise, a laser printer or an inkjet printer? You’ll need to consider several factors to make this decision. Does your organization print loads of documents? Then you might consider investing in a laser printer. These printers are more expensive. But they produce crisp and clean copy, and they’re also sturdier, better able to withstand large demand. But suppose your small business only has to print documents occasionally? Then an inkjet printer tends to make more sense. These printers are less costly than are laser printers. Technology has improved enough so the documents they create look more professional than in the past. The downside? If you do print an excessive amount, you’ll spend lots of money on replacement cartridges. As Mah writes, choosing the best printer for your company is far from an impossible task. With just a bit of research, you’ll find the right unit for your business and its printing needs.