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ITIL Framework

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is considered the de facto standard or ‘best practice’ for running IT Help Desk or IT Service Desks around the world. Even with the proven success of ITIL, most organizations don’t have the tools, budget, knowledge or bandwidth to implement and maintain. At ETS, we focus on several key components of the ITIL framework and customize a solution for each business.

Service Level Management

Service Level Agreements (SLA) is the defining factor for how a Help Desk or Service Desk is set up. SLA’s outline the response and resolution times of an incident by measuring urgency and impact of each Incident or Problem. ETS works with each customer to understand their business model and then creates SLA’s that we are accountable for and that we accurately measure.

Incident Management

An incident is an event that causes, or may cause, an interruption to a service or services. Incident Management is the process to resolve the incident and restore services within a defined SLA. ETS’s Incident Management processes have been developed and fine-tuned for over a decade by our ITIL certified personnel to ensure a high level of SLA attainment.

Problem Management

A problem is the underlying cause, or root cause, of one or more incidents. Usually a temporary workaround is established until a permanent fix has been tested and deployed. Problem Management is the process of resolving the underlying root cause, thus preventing Incidents from recurring. Our tools and highly experienced engineers are extremely successful in rooting out core problems to quickly remediate the source of a problem.

Change Management

A change is the addition, modification or removal of items such as hardware, software, network equipment, systems or documentation. Change Management is the process of controlling those changes through formalized processes and procedures. It is documented that 80% of all outages are self-induced through changes. ETS utilizes a formal Change Control process that can significantly reduce unnecessary outages.

Service Desk or
Help Desk

Service Desk is the primary point of contact for users to interact and log tickets for IT service personnel. Service Desk can handle or facilitate the handling of Incidents, Problems, Changes and numerous IT related requests. Most people seeking assistance with their IT equipment know this as Help Desk. Because ETS designs solutions based around our customer’s requirements, we offer several Service Desk options that are either on premise, in the cloud or hosted at our Network Operations Center (NOC) in Phoenix.

Your internal information technology team serves a valuable purpose for your company. Outsourcing your IT helpdesk support services allows your internal team the freedom to work on the projects that are integral to your business strategic planning. Using a professional and experienced company to provide managed support services can be a seamless process that integrates perfectly with your current business structure.

What Is Helpdesk Support?

IT helpdesk support services play an important customer or employee service role as the first point of contact. Customers or employees with problems or questions can reach out to the helpdesk for a solution. By choosing a dedicated team for your service desk, you can best serve the needs of these customers without pulling your IT team away from important internal assignments. The goal of an outsourced IT helpdesk is to provide excellent service to customers while reducing the load the internal IT team is assigned.
What Helpdesk Support Services Are Available?
Depending on your business needs and information technology set-up you have already achieved, managed helpdesk services can be integrated into your current structure. Some clients prefer an entirely cloud-based service while others choose to utilize a centralized operational center. If your business decides an on-site team is the best strategy, many companies can work to provide an on-site team. A variety of services and methods of IT support are available, so your company can choose which ones fit in best with your business plan.

  • First point of contact for troubleshooting IT problems
  • Facilitate updates and changes
  • Time-sensitive requests for incidents
  • Fast response time for a ticketing system
  • Proactively preventing downtime across the system

How Does Your Business Benefit?

Outsourced IT helpdesk support benefits your company in several specific ways. Managed services provide directed expertise in support services, ensuring your customers are being taken care of in a timely, efficient and satisfactory manner. Unlike internal IT departments that may be subjected to business hours, most managed services provide helpdesk support 24 hours a day, even on weekends. Off-site service options also do not require physical space to be set up on your property.

Find Out More About Managed IT Support

If your business would benefit from outsourced IT helpdesk support services or if you want to learn more about the process, contact Enterprise Technology Services today to set up a consultation or get your questions answered. Their team of IT support experts can help you come up with a strategy to optimize your business IT department while treating your customers to an excellent customer service experience.

Our Approach

ETS’s approach is simple: Define the customers’ requirements and build a solution that works within that organization’s business processes. The driving factors behind every solution are SLA’s and the people and processes that support them. Although not every customer needs a full blown Service Desk, they all need a guarantee on service response and resolution times, so that’s why ETS tailors every solution around SLA’s and our ability to handle every incident or problem quickly. We’ve invested wisely in a state of the art ticketing system to ensure SLA attainment goals are met. We’ve implemented effective processes to quickly route and escalate each incident to the appropriate skill set. More importantly, we look for trends that identify and remediate root causes before they become a problem.


ETS utilizes several monitoring and remediation tools that assist in preventing issues from arising and creating unneeded downtime. If an issue occurs, however, ETS is armed with an arsenal of tools that can remotely support most any environment. Whether it’s a desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, server, SAN, router, switch, firewall or VDI infrastructure, ETS has the solution.


ETS employs the very best to help support your IT needs. Our ITIL certified team will work closely with your business to design an effective Service Desk or Help Desk. Once operational, our experienced team of technicians and engineers are there to provide on-going support. We know the impact to a business when systems fail, so ETS prides itself on maintaining a certified team of technical resources with decades of hands-on experience.


The tools and people that utilize them are often not enough to attain SLA goals. That’s why ETS focuses heavily on the processes that support them. For over a decade, ETS has developed processes that are both efficient and effective. We start by developing a Help Desk or Service Desk solution based on customer requirements and then integrate our ‘best practice’ processes into supporting them. Once our solution goes live, we use metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify issues. Our continuous improvement process takes these issues and focuses on eliminating any constraints.


Client Feedback

“We spent years of frustration and confusion with our IT network as our company grew. Once switching to ETS, they quickly implemented a powerful and robust IT infrastructure that allows our business to operate efficiently and expand with new technology. Any and all frustration regarding day-to-day IT problems has since disappeared. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. We are confident and pleased with ETS supporting our IT infrastructure.”

Jim Gagel
Vice President
Arizona Industrial Hardware, Inc.

“We recently switched managed network providers in support of our mid-sized company. ETS handled the set-up and transition smoothly and efficiently. Any open user tickets are handled within an hour if not minutes. Their techs are first class and extremely knowledgeable. ETS is definitely part of our future growth.”

Bob Ives
VP Finance
Great American Merchandising and Events