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Data Storage & Backup Solutions

Data Storage & Backup Solutions

Businesses face the challenge of managing increasing amounts of data. Every business operates with some level of dependence on the need to access, back up and recover their critical business information.

ETS can help you meet that challenge by defining or fine-tuning your data storage environment. Our offerings include innovative, proven storage technologies that deliver superior backup, recovery and archiving capabilities. You can rely on us to recommend an ideal storage solution and then support you every step of the way, from selection to integration to ongoing support.

Our field of experience includes:

Disaster Recovery

Data Center Relocations

Data Switching

SAN Architecture

Fibre Channel (FCP)

Fibre Channel Over Ethernet (FCoE)

Internet SCSI (iSCSI)

Internet Fibre Channel (iFCP)

Looking beyond your basic storage requirements, ETS can introduce you to the latest in storage technologies for your business. These emerging technologies, such as data deduplication and hybrid storage, offer significant cost advantages over traditional data storage and recovery techniques.

Data deduplication is a technique that eliminates identical copies or blocks of data and replaces them with pointers. This process will significantly reduce the storage footprint while improving overall storage utilization. Because of deduplication, backup data is minimized and therefore efficiently replicated and retrieved over the existing networks. Overall our customers realize huge efficiency gains that dramatically reduce costs associated with hardware, software and data retention.

Storage virtualization provides virtualization at the disk level, accelerating data access by spreading read/write operations across all disk drives in the SAN so multiple requests are processed in parallel. Storage virtualization allows administrators to create high performance, highly efficient virtual volumes in just seconds without allocating drives to specific servers, without complicated capacity planning and without performance tuning. The resulting benefits of reduced management and administration will go right to your bottom line!

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Client Feedback

“ETS has been a great partner through the years helping us implement a variety of technologies including a district-wide network assessment, Blade Server solutions and a large-scale Storage Area Network, all while working within our budget.”

Juan Pino
Director of IT
Buckeye Elementary School
District #33