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Network Bandwidth Optimization

Bandwidth Optimization in PhoenixWhen it comes to bandwidth optimization, you can count on Enterprise Technology Services to implement solutions that work. We are committed to offering businesses reliable tools and resources to manage their IT programs. We have invested both time and money to build up our services to better assist you. As your wide area network (WAN) slows down as you have more users and branches utilizing more applications, it may seem impossible to fix without a lot of money and time. We’ll show you how to use what you have to get the most out of your bandwidth.

Bandwidth Issues

Perhaps the biggest problem with how you’re managing your IT programs right now is your branch offices don’t have access to the resources they need. Your customers often go there first and are sometimes left frustrated due to unreliable connections. Bandwidth deficiencies cause performance to be at a minimum. Some of these deficiencies include:

  • Bottlenecks – Critical information and data often can’t get to where it should be because of bottlenecks. Optimal paths are crowded, and information tries to go another way.
  • Unnecessary Usage – There is often superfluous data on your network. This might include employees using the network for personal endeavors such as YouTube or other social media applications.
  • Expanding Traffic – When some businesses are tight on bandwidth, they’ll look for more applications to expand space. The problem is you’re using the extra space you have with more applications, and if there is spare capacity still, some applications continue to expand into it.

ETS IT Solutions

The good news is there are solutions. Here at ETS, we have Technical teams, Operation teams, Management teams and Account teams with many years of experience combined in enhancing IT applications and strategies. Through a free consultation, we can identify the problems your system is encountering and assist you in integrating the solutions that allow for maximum performance using your current bandwidth. We know you need to minimize costs, have Phoenix IT services readily available, and improve strategies, and we can help you do this in the following ways:

  • Cloud Offloading – To free up a bottleneck, it’s sometimes your easiest bet to offload information into the cloud. Corporate networks can often be free of extra traffic by users who can do this with most of their information.
  • Eliminating Unnecessary Usage – Bandwidth can be quickly consumed with unnecessary usage. Blocking certain applications and creating policies surrounding their use on company devices is a quick way to reduce traffic.
  • Replacing Programs – If a particular application is using all the bandwidth, but you still need the program to run your business effectively, look for a similar application that will do the same job without expanding into the spare capacity. Out with the old, in with the new.
  • Leveraging Devices – With our technicians’ years of experience, we leverage appliance-based network devices that are specialized for your network. These devices are easy to manage and adapt to a wide variety of networks.
  • Managing Hardware and Software – Out-of-band management is a safe and simple way to save bandwidth. This method counters hardware and software bandwidth consumption.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to create a bandwidth headache. If you find your business network in this situation, you don’t have to wait any longer. ETS provides solutions to the problems you are facing. By enhancing the application strategy you already have in place, costs can be minimized, performance can be improved, and service availability can be optimized.

For more information on bandwidth optimization, or to schedule your free consultation, contact Enterprise Technology Services today by filling out our online form.

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Branch offices are often the front lines that face your customers but they are also the furthest from critical IT resources. These remote locations are faced with slow, poor performing and sometimes unreliable connections to corporate resources. Branch office users often complain that “my email is slow today” because of network bandwidth deficiencies.

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Bandwidth optimization solutions improve performance and data reliability by leveraging highly specialized, appliance-based network devices. These devices allow for maximum utilization and performance without the need for added and expensive bandwidth.


As our client, you will benefit from our experience. We can help enhance your application delivery strategy and server infrastructure with industry leading application delivery solutions.



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