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Application Delivery & Remote Access


Today, an increasing number of businesses have developed an interest in bringing on remote staff to work in IT, development and many other areas. A remote team can bring substantial contributions to a company’s growth. The right IT solutions are essential if you want to take advantage of all the possibilities a remote team offers.

Integrating remote workers can present several technical challenges, such as maintaining network security while allowing the full range of access necessary for job performance. We offer the Phoenix technology services you need to make a seamless transition and allow your remote team to reach its full potential.

Remote Access to Applications

Employees who are traveling or working remote will occasionally need to access applications outside regular working hours at your location. Employers have traditionally accommodated this need through VPN and client-server connections. These solutions have the drawbacks of often being both slow and complicated, hampering the remote worker’s ability to perform efficiently. The employee ends up wasting time waiting to access the application and is forced to log in at hours suboptimal for his or her productivity.

However, our end-to-end application delivery technology allows for secure, reliable access at any time. Our approach decreases reliance on physical hardware that helps cut down on problems stemming from malfunctions in the area.

Remote IT Compatibility

Another major challenge for companies working with a remote team is facing the fact that each of these employees may be working with different operating systems, environments and network connections. An application that may run smoothly at your central location could be challenging to deliver to users or to manage on a daily basis.

When a company has several locations or a remote IT team, getting applications to run smoothly for everyone can present some hurdles with installation and configuration. Varying environments, slow connections, firewalls, and other factors can all get in the way of optimal operation. Instead of getting work done, your remote employees spend valuable time and effort trying to access the application and handling malfunctions.

In coming up with our application delivery products and services, we have prioritized flexibility and scalability, allowing them to function optimally in a wide variety of environments. We have also developed industry-specific IT management services to address the particular needs of major industries, including finance, healthcare, real estate, and construction.

Our IT Solutions

We use an array of products and services tailored to the needs of your company. Our application delivery solutions can lower costs while optimizing integration and maintaining full network security. The scalability of our solutions allows for their use in a wide variety of settings. With built-in, automatic load balancing, users do not have to face slow-downs due to server issues. Our products also include installation and configuration wizards that simplify these processes across various platforms.

We help companies cut operational costs and streamline IT operations through the use of cutting-edge technology and integrated solutions. We look at the big picture of your business goals and industry-specific issues as we come up with the set of solutions that would best help you meet your objectives.

In addition to simplifying and speeding up effective application delivery, we offer an array of consulting and integration services to reduce IT costs and raise efficiency. Our comprehensive IT management in Phoenix facilitates the integration of remote and traveling employees and enables you to increase productivity. Services such as virtualization, data storage, network security, and bandwidth optimization all help your business work faster and better, at a lower cost.

Our Phoenix technology services include advance planning, system overhauls, management, and solving specific problems. Contact us online to learn more about our innovative IT solutions.

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For many organizations, remote application access means a serious challenge: Traveling users require any time, any place access without the hassle of traditional VPN and client-server slowness. Often times, particularly with rapidly changing environments, no two workstations are alike and distributing applications to endpoints can be very complicated. For some companies, expansion and profits can be hampered by decentralized IT systems and inability to support diverse applications or remote workers.

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The right technologies can perform well across slow connections, strict network firewalls and non-Windows computers. Newly arriving Internet and internal LAN users are automatically load-balanced among available application servers, bypassing any failed or offline machines. Automated wizards make installation and configuration a breeze, and integration with Microsoft servers further simplifies day-to-day management.


As our client, you will benefit from our experience. We can help enhance your application delivery strategy and server infrastructure with industry leading application delivery solutions.



Client Feedback

“ETS was so certain about the benefits we would see, they put together a business case where I really had nothing to lose. Even though I had my doubts, ETS was really willing to back up their recommendation and their work. You just don’t see that anymore.”

Robert Israel
Vice President and CIO
John C. Lincoln Hospital