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Server & Desktop Virtualization

IT departments are being asked to do more with less, and virtualization is a key strategy to achieve better resource utilization. You can realize significant cost savings while improving overall system performance through server virtualization technology. Server virtualization can dramatically reduce your investment in physical hardware, ease energy consumption, cut down on heat in server rooms, and free up valuable server rack space. Not to mention the significant operational and management advantages! Think in terms of having a new server fully up and running in minutes! Virtualization technology has forever changed the way networks are built and managed.

Why IT Consulting and Integration Services Matter 

Finding in-house resources and talents to fully manage your IT department can be a challenge. When you outsource this task by engaging the use of firms like Enterprise Technology Services, that specialize in consulting and system integration services, you have immediate access to professionals that can keep your IT department up to date, secure and running at top speed.

Whether it is developing the basic functions of your technology, or adding to your existing network, ETS provides the following solutions that help to position you on the right path:

How Application Delivery Works

Remote workers need to access the same information as your in-house employees, and the networking systems and operating platforms must translate accurately to off-site users.

Consulting system integration services examples, like application delivery, achieve these goals by:

  • Maintaining server health to avoid sluggish speeds and overloads
  • Simplifying product installation and integration throughout the company
  • Establishing continuity of functions and applications across multiple platforms
  • Designing reliable data storage and network security solutions for full protection
  • Providing continuous support and management assistance

What Bandwidth Optimization Means

If networks are overloaded and working harder than they need to, your off-site branches cannot help customers or complete work in a timely manner. ETS can free up your bandwidth through strategies like removing and streamlining unnecessary applications and storing information on a cloud-based system. This results in higher efficiency throughout the company and its branches, as well as creating satisfied customers.

Here at ETS, we consider the consulting and system integration services definition to include the boosting of your business’ customer service and promoting a positive work environment for your employees.

How Data Storage Solutions Increase Performance

There are few factors more crucial than saving and storing precious information and communications that are generated through your company every day. ETS knows that as your company grows, your data storage must expand and adapt to the needs of the business through solutions such as:

  • Data Center Relocations
  • Data Switching
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Fibre Channel (FCP)
  • Fibre Channel Over Ethernet (FCoE)
  • Internet Fibre Channel (iFCP)
  • Internet SCSI (iSCSI)
  • SAN Architecture

Based on years of experience in a variety of fields, our team can address your data storage requirements now and in the years to come.

Why Network Security Impacts Productivity

Without adequate network security, your company is at an increased risk for viruses and theft, while also threatening harm to the integrity and reputation of the business. Security issues can also result in sluggish systems, decreased bandwidth, and inefficient work performance.

ETS understands these impacts and is dedicated to providing the most current technology and expertise in the following fields:

  • Application security
  • External scanning and auditing
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Patching and vulnerability scanning
  • Virus protection and remediation

Providing continuous support, ETS is committed to a proactive approach to avoid complications rather than react to them.

Server and Desktop Virtualization

Today’s market requires less infrastructure and more capabilities from IT departments, while also expecting superior results. By creating virtual servers and desktops, our team can develop and implement tools that minimize hardware requirements and produce benefits such as:

  • Reduced cross-contamination between desktops
  • Decreased investment costs in hardware
  • Strengthen resilience to hardware failures
  • Remote access to company desktop interface
  • Employment of multiple operating platforms

ETS approaches IT solutions with a focus on protecting, saving, sharing and streamlining the technology factors that apply to you. Through the use of data integration consulting services, your company can save time, increase productivity, attract and retain employees while continuing to thrive.

By working together, ETS can help you reach attainable goals in a straightforward and confident manner, sticking with you every step of the way.

ETS can help develop and implement a virtualization strategy for your desktops too! Desktop virtualization can significantly improve data security and backup, cut down on IT equipment costs and will enable centralized administration and management of all software, eliminating the need to load software locally. Learn more about:

Server & Desktop Virtualization

Application Delivery

ETS offers a suite of products and services that ensure application availability, security, visibility, and acceleration. Learn more about:

Application Delivery & Remote Access

Bandwidth Optimization

Even the simplest bandwidth optimization techniques can reduce operational costs. ETS can help drive down your IT expenses by employing appropriate bandwidth optimization solutions. Learn more about:

Network Bandwidth Optimization

Data Storage

You can now have peace of mind about your company’s data. ETS can help make your data readily available and easy to access – yet highly secured and protected from accidental loss. From Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) to Direct Attached Storage (DAS), ETS has certified specialists who can help you architect, install and support a storage solution that meets your needs and stays within your budget at every stage of business growth. Learn more about:

Data Storage

Network Security

ETS can help you implement and follow industry best practices when it comes to managing your network security. Through a layered approach that includes anti-virus/spam/spyware software, firewalls, password management and other key security techniques, you will be doing everything possible to secure your company’s valuable data and information. Learn more about:

Network Security


Client Feedback

“ETS was vital in implementing our thin client environment, providing us with the products and support we needed to take our business to the next level.”

Travis Ambrosy
IT Director
Cardiovascular Consultants

“We recently started using ETS and are thrilled with their service and professionalism!”

Adam Remis