Is a Computer Tablet Right for You?

Is a Computer Tablet Right for You?

Computer tablets have become tremendously popular since the introduction of Apple’s iPad in 2010. Competitors have released their own versions and, almost overnight, a new technological commodity has become a competing force in the business world. Though that’s not to say that tablets are perfect for any business setting. We could very well look at the iPad a decade from now in the same way we currently view tape decks. When determining whether or not to purchase a tablet, it’s best to be educated. Consider these pros and cons before you make this expensive purchase. 


  • Tablets are mobile. As business begins to make full use of cloud computing, having your work remotely accessible becomes a must. A tablet can make you more accessible and, in turn, more productive. 
  • Tablets are very practical tools. As developers continue to design new business apps that improve over time, there will be a growing amount of potential work uses for tablets. 
  • Tablets express capability. In a business setting, having and using a tablet can communicate to your clients a sense of professionalism. If you use your tablet to enhance your work productivity, you will appear more capable. 


  • Tablets haven’t reinvented the wheel. Most of the functions performed by a tablet can be performed on a laptop or desktop computer. Yes, tablets may be far more convenient, but does that make them absolutely necessary? 
  • Tablets can promote wasting time. Though there are hundreds of useful business apps available, there are also more gaming apps. If misused, you might find yourself distracted by your new tablet to the detriment of your productivity. 
  • Tablets are still a new technology and are therefore costly. If you aren’t yet confident a tablet is right for you, given their price, wait a few months to watch how the industry grows. Eventually, cheaper alternatives will be introduced as more popular hardware, like the iPad, drop in price. 

Computer tablets can be extremely useful tools, though at the same time they can operate as nothing more than very expensive toys. Depending on your needs, a tablet could be the perfect fit, but make sure to weigh the pros and cons prior to making a final decision. If you are interested in reading further, please read over this article.