iPad Mini the best tablet bargain today

iPad Mini the best tablet bargain today

Looking for that perfect tablet? You have plenty of choices today, from classic iPad to the upstart Galaxy tablets. But which gadget is truly the best to buy? Which provides you top performance with a reasonable price? And, this being tablets we’re writing about, which best fits in your purse or book bag? At least one Web site has a surprising answer: the iPad Mini.


The Benefits of the Mini


Staffers with the WireCutter blog recommend the iPad Mini for one simple reason: It’s equally powerful as its more substantial cousin, but it weighs less. For staffers at WireCutter, the regular iPad’s heft, as they refer to it, has turned into a serious problem. As the staffers wrote in a recent blog post, you can’t hold the traditional iPad like a magazine, which is the ultimate objective of a tablet. That’s because the weight is more much like a hefty coffee table or perhaps thinner phone book. The iPad Mini, however? It really is light.




Best of all, the iPad Mini, although smaller than the iPad, performs just as well as its bigger cousin. The writer of the WireCutter blog wrote about totting both types of the iPad inside a bag, enjoying movies on both devices and carrying them around the house. The outcome was clear: The Mini was easier to hold. And watching movies, reading books, listening to music, surfing the Web and playing games was no less impressive on the smaller device.


The right recommendation?


The WireCutter recommendation, though, really should not be taken as the last word on the subject. The recommendation represents the viewpoint of that Web site’s staff. Your impression might vary. Thankfully, you have a lot of tablets to select from. After you do your own research, you might find that you prefer the Kindle Fire, the Nook Tablet or the traditional iPad to the Mini. The WireCutter review, however, is really a compelling piece of evidence the Mini is no mere novelty act. It’s a genuine contender in the increasingly jampacked tablet world.