Inexpensive Live Chat Options

Inexpensive Live Chat Options

Live chat is a great way to allow your customers to communicate with you. If you like the idea of them having the ability to go to your website and ask a live agent a question, you may want to look into live-chat.


Anyone home?


Ivana Taylor recently wrote an article for the American Express OPEN Forum pertaining to live chat. She believes that live chat can make your organization more accessible to consumers, which could be the difference between someone going with your company or a competitor. When a customer has the option of speaking to someone right away, it can instill confidence in them about your company.


Live chat apps


There are many tools you can use for live chat that are both powerful and affordable. One simple app is called Olark’s live chat tool. Its simple design makes it simple to use, but it doesn’t have a lot of extra features. A few others that are somewhat more robust are, SnapEngage, and LivePerson. These allow business owners to use their mobile devices to live chat, which could be helpful if you are not always in front of a computer.


The trend


Live chat has developed into a recent trend as it can put companies ahead of their competitors. It can help small business owners win the confidence of clients and develop long term relationships with them.