Imaginative resumes: An introduction

Imaginative resumes: An introduction

A resume is identified as a document used by individuals to present their background and skillsets. Typically, a resume contains a summary of relevant work experience and education, formatted professionally and presented directly. Essentially, a resume is a piece of paper that seeks to define a person as an argument defending their qualifications for the applied to position. It makes sense that a resume be allowed a certain amount of creative liberty. If the person applying to said position is creative, or if the position itself requires a bit of creative thinking, then why not present a creative resume? As technology advances and the definition of professionalism expands, more and more resumes are being displayed as creative pieces. Here are a few things to consider when on either side of resume presentation.

When Creating a Resume

Make sure your resume finds a middle ground between presenting your skills and appealing to your future employers. If you are applying to be a banker, for instance, a no-frills resume typed in “Times New Roman” is probably your best bet. However, if you’re seeking a position the requires creative and abstract thought, feel free to express yourself artistically. If the prospect reading your resume doesn’t appreciate your creative flair, chances are it’s best you shouldn’t be working for them in the first place. Here are a few tips to help get you started: 

  1. Be visual. An infographic is a great format to present a well-rounded resume. This style can show off your ability and your creativity. Here is an example. Infographic
  2. Match your style to your personality. If you work best under deadlines, work that in to the visual aesthetic of your resume. If you work better in an open schedule, represent that in the same way. Here is a great example to consider. Design and style
  3. Add subtle flair. Many companies now accept PDF resumes rather than hard copies. Take a look at this example of adding creativity while expressing aptitude: Flair


When Reading a Creative Resume

A creative resume will show you some very unique qualities in an applicant that a standard resume might leave out. For example, reading a well-done creative resume can communicate the ability to think outside the box and base intelligence. These are qualities that any job can appreciate because are essential to any business. Don’t shy away from seriously considering a resume that is not “traditional” in its presentation. A creative resume could come from the perfect candidate for the job.

As social evolution and technological advancement progress, applicants will find more and more creative ways to present their talents. Being open to exploring these avenues as both author and audience will allow you to improve your business or career. As in most things in life, keeping a balanced view can never hurt.