How you can use Prezi

How you can use Prezi

Prezi is a presentation application that has been getting a lot of recognition lately for its alternative take on presentations. It has plenty of fans due to its flexibility. What else makes it so fantastic? Read on!




Prezi is a flash-based tool, which makes it easier to create non-linear presentations. Most presentation tools require you to go slide-by-slide and don’t leave much room for creativity aside from clipart. With Prezi, your presentation is more like a thought map than anything else, which makes it flow much more organically.


You may zoom in and out of the image to different ideas, links and images. This gets rid of the need for identical slides or backtracking when you need to revisit an idea.



Prezi presentations are created differently than most, which can make it hard to get accustomed to at first. Once you have become familiar with the program, however, it is like second nature. You can create presentations like you would a thought map, which is fantastic for those non-linear thinkers.


If you are having any trouble getting used to the user interface, simply take a look at one of the many tutorials on Prezi’s website.


Although Prezi is web-based, you can download your presentation after it has been created so that you do not need an Internet connection in order to present. Prezi is available in a free version, but can also be purchased for extra storage and improved privacy.


Although Prezi may not be for everybody, it is a great alternative for those who are looking to create a different kind of presentation.