How Tablets and the Cloud Support Creativity

How Tablets and the Cloud Support Creativity

The cloud has become advantageous for many businesses. Due to the massive amounts of information that can be stored in the cloud and the prevalence of tablets in our lives, creative businesses have greatly benefitted. The cloud gives people in creative industries an edge they didn’t previously have. It may not be obvious how creative businesses have improved due to the cloud, so here are just a few ways they’ve changed.

Portfolios used to be restricted to what you could physically carry with you and difficult decisions had to be made about what to leave in and what to cut when putting together a portfolio. Now portfolios can be stored in the cloud, organized into categories appropriate to different clients, and accessed quickly on tablets. As you can imagine, this allows for quick interactions that can bring about more opportunities.

Creative Collaboration
In the past, collaborating with people in different time zones was very difficult. It required sending huge files through email, working on them independently then sending them back. This created multiple versions and duplicate copies, which was confusing. The cloud permits people to work on the same file simultaneously. This speeds up the collaborative process and keep everyone on the same page, so to speak.

Brainstorming and mind mapping are other things the cloud has improved as numerous people can input their ideas into one file. People can access these mind maps on tablets, get input from local collogues, and update the shared file that everyone can see. This kind of connectedness breaks down the distance barrier, which used to be such a limitation in business.

With the expansiveness of the cloud and the mobility of the tablet, there are almost no limitations to where creativity can happen.