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How ETS’s Infrastructure Design Service Can Benefit Your Business

How ETS’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Can Benefit Your Business

Infrastructure as a Service is an IT model that delivers networking, storage, computing, and other capabilities via the Internet. Businesses outsource the physical resources that support operations, including servers, equipment, hardware, networking components, storage devices, and various other IT components. The service provider owns the resources and is responsible for running, upgrading, and maintaining them. As your customer base grows and your organization expands, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your infrastructure can keep pace and respond to competitive pressures. Here are the benefits of Infrastructure as Service:

Cost Savings

An Infrastructure as a Service solution comes with reduced infrastructure costs. Your organization no longer needs to deal with acquiring the latest equipment, replacing old equipment, maintaining hardware and networking gear, or even managing an extensive IT team. Infrastructure as a Service also saves you from having to buy and operate the capacity to deal with sudden business changes. This model is metered, and this means you pay only for what you need at any given time. This allows you to avoid extensive fixed costs and significantly reduce your overall operational costs. Another plus is that this IT model does not require upfront charges, long term commitments, or bandwidth utilization.

Scalability and Flexibility

With an Infrastructure as a Service solution, you can scale up and down conveniently when the need arises. Providers typically have the latest and more powerful technology to accommodate the varied needs of their customers. This scalability provides added flexibility to respond to opportunities and the changing environment. This offers increased speed and agility for companies that are continually evolving.

Improved Disaster Recovery

Organizations with several disparate locations often need to have different disaster recovery and business continuity plans that are expensive and render management virtually impossible. The Infrastructure as a Service model offers a consolidated infrastructure that allows employees to access from anywhere. This includes everything the organization needs to operate smoothly, from web servers to email and critical applications. If disaster strikes, the recovery will be quick, less costly and with effective control over the environment. The organization will suffer no data loss.

Focus on Business Growth

Making decisions regarding the hiring of IT management staff and upgrading and maintaining the technology infrastructure requires significant time, money, and energy. This resource could be diverted to focus on growing the business. By using service-based infrastructure, organizations can focus on innovating better applications and solutions. Competition can be fierce and focusing your resources on your market is one of the best ways to beat the competition. And because Infrastructure as a Service provides elasticity, organizations can easily upgrade and get the product or service to the market faster.

Having a reliable Infrastructure as a Service provider is just as critical as having the technology to your advantage. If you’re looking for a technology infrastructure solution that unifies IT and facilities activities into a single unit, look no further than ETS. We can provide a well-defined and proven methodology that ensures quality and consistency. Contact us today to get started.