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Healthcare institutions that are growing need adequate IT infrastructure to manage their client base and financial status. IT management solutions can increase the quality of the products and services provided, reduce the expenses, improve efficiency, assist in decision making, and increase the client base. Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) is a firm that provides IT management services in Phoenix. ETS is among the leading technology services consulting companies in Phoenix, especially in the healthcare and medical industry.

Advantages of Healthcare and Medical IT Management

Data Preservation

Healthcare and medical institutions always deal with sensitive information that is stored electronically. Any company that values their client’s confidentiality should have a secure network system. The medical community is expected to maintain doctor-patient confidentiality by law, hence they need well protected networks. ETS provides various network management programs like Critical Care, Managed Care and Managed Care Plus. All these programs offer antivirus installations and updates, server maintenance, 24/7 monitoring and analyzing and monthly reports on system activity.

Optimizing Internal Processes

Enterprise Technology Services provides efficiency in internal processes such as response time to customers, procurement procedures, client retention, and reducing costs. Some procedures like procurement may have expenses that are higher than necessary. A management program can analyze the data store and come up with efficient procurement quantities that can last for the procurement period at lower costs. Phoenix IT services may also improve the retrieval of information in an organization and an efficient help desk.

Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is important in generating incomes. Without a proper management system, however, it is hard to track each and every employee’s efforts. IT management systems solve this problem by allowing you to generate reports on a monthly basis to analyze how your employees are performing in KPIs such as sales, among others.

ETS provides a support system for all their clients. We become partners with our clients to provide and oversee their IT lifecycle management process. Enterprise Technology Services has experience in providing expert IT management infrastructure support to many healthcare and medical companies and institutions. We have a proven track record from satisfied clients such as John C. Lincoln Hospitals, whose slow network connectivity was solved by our professionals in a cost-effective manner. To learn how we’ve helped other clients like this, see more of our success stories.

If your healthcare or medical institution is in need of IT management support, don’t hesitate to give us a call; we’ve got you covered.

Key components of our Project Management Methodology include:



Scope Identification

Phase Definitions

Major Milestones

Post Deployment Support


Project Review and Acceptance


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Client Feedback
“I was unaware of how poorly my in-house IT resources were performing until I encountered ETS. After I decided to outsource, ETS sent a SWAT team for an initial assessment. The results almost made me ill. We had all the makings of a total IT meltdown. Within a matter of a few days, ETS had us out of the danger zone and within a few weeks, we were rock-solid.”

Kevin Sandler
CEO and President
ExhibitOne Corporation