Getting The Most Out Of Windows 8

Getting The Most Out Of Windows 8

Windows 8 only recently hit the market and the tech press has already given it a test drive. Most of them have published their findings online. This is great for the general public, as it gives them an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the new operating system. InfoWorld writer J. Peter Bruzzese recently wrote about a number of cool things about Windows 8. Below we cover a few of the things he found.


The charms bar


This is a great addition to Windows. It is a shortcut bar that sits on the right side of Windows 8. It provides quick and easy ways for users to put their computer to sleep, switch to the Windows 7 desktop, share documents and more. This can be a time saver for users that take the time to learn a few of these shortcuts.


Retrieving lost files


Loosing a file is the worst. Fortunately, Windows 8 has a couple methods for you to protect your documents. You can access lost files or different versions of the same file. If you are acquainted with OS X’s Time Machine utility, the feature in Windows 8 works much the same way.


Windows on the go


If you are on-the-go a lot, you will like this great feature. Using the Enterprise Edition of Windows 8 users can capture their entire Windows environment and store it on a USB drive. This enables them to take it with them and pull it up on a PC that uses Windows 7 or 8.