Get More Out of Your New iPhone With These Quick Tips

Get More Out of Your New iPhone With These Quick Tips

It appears like iPhones are capable of doing everything but take out the garbage. Besides the obvious phone calls, we are able to observe the latest movies and TV shows, and update our social sites. They store our music and give us directions to navigate to the nearest shopping center. You might think you already know all your iPhone is able to do but here are a couple lesser-known tricks you with thankful to learn.

Saving Time

It can be frustrating to use the tiny on-screen keyboard for typing emails or Web addresses. If this is true for you, try turning your phone horizontally before clicking in the area you need to type in. This will provide you with a larger on-screen keyboard making it simpler to type a “t”  and not a “y.”
Here is a tip for making phone calls: If you are browsing the Web for a phone number you have to call, simply tap the number on the screen and your phone will dial it.

More Efficient Typing

This tip will help you type faster: When you tap the space bar twice at the end of a sentence, your phone will add a period and automatically capitalize the next word you type. If you’re a person who uses a great deal of special characters, it’s easy to access the menu by touching and holding a letter on your screen until the special character options pop up. Then simply select the character you want and insert it.

Quick Printing, Personalized Entertainment

If you own an AirPrint-enabled printer, you are able to print documents, emails, and even Web pages right from your iPhone. To print an email message, tap the Reply icon and then select “Print” and your phone will send the message to your printer. For a Web page, touch the “Action” icon and select “Print.”

For you music lovers out there, you can create a music playlist on the run. Access the iPod app, tap the “Playlists” icon select the “Add Playlist” icon. Rename your playlist and add any video or song on your phone just by touching it.