Gadgets and Technologies that May Fade with Time

Gadgets and Technologies that May Fade with Time

When new technology is released, we snatch it up, and a month later we can’t envision what life was like without it. But consider the technology that it replaced? We have a tendency to forget about it as it fades into history. For instance, the telephone: our phones today do so much and landlines are swiftly getting eliminated. Yes, many people still rely on them but it’s not hard to envision a near future where they’ll be gone completely from households.

It’s an interesting evolution that technology goes through. So we thought we would highlight a handful of the technologies that may vanish in the next ten years.

Fax Machines: Many people hate sending faxes; it is old technology. There was a time when it was cutting edge, but don’t be shocked if this is one technology that quickly ends up in the “remember this?” classification.

Newspaper Classified Ads: The Huffington Post recently stated in an article that classifieds are on their way out. This is primarily due to websites like Craigslist. Sites like this create huge forums for people to search classifieds all over the country and create their own for free. This may put the old-fashioned newspaper classified section out of commission.

Film-Based Cameras: It seems like film-based cameras are on their way out as well. People have a deep love for classic film so it has taken a while for people to totally transition to digital. But with digital cameras, you can save all your pictures digitally and easily distribute them over the Internet without needing to save negatives. Even Kodak has seen the effects of this change. There is no arguing that in general we are going to bid farewell to film-based cameras.

The Calculator Watch: Remember when nerds everywhere wore calculator watches strapped to their wrists? There was no better way to calculate the tip on that burger and fries. PCWorld, though, recently listed the calculator watch on its list of the 40 biggest losers of obsolete technology. Blame both fashion sense and cell phones. Every cell phone today comes with its own calculator. And fashion sense? Well, those calculator watches never were that alluring.

The Video Arcade: Lots of people grew up playing games in their local arcade so it’s unfortunate that these may be on their way out as well. But with the frequency that game systems improve and the inherent expense that it takes to operate an arcade, most gamers just opt for their home systems where they can play in comfort.