Four Options for Sharing Big Files

Four Options for Sharing Big Files

Have you ever attempted to send a large file only to find that it was too big for email? Most of us have. That’s the reason we have compiled the four most popular file-sharing programs below. We hope this makes your life easier.


YouSendIt is free and easy to use. It permits you to send huge files through their cloud-based storage system.  One of the best things about YouSendIt, is that you can set an expiration date for the data you have uploaded. You are also able to control who can access which files. This gives the user a lot of control and a little more security.


DropSend is very similar to YouSendIt. The primary difference being that it offers a range of options. You can choose the free option called DropSendLite. This version allows you to send five files a month. Then there’s the basic version which allows you to send fifteen files a month and costs $5 a month. Finally there is the business version which comes with limitless file sends and costs $99 a month.


SugarSync is popular with tablet and smartphone users, as it saves all your files to all of your gadgets at once. SugarSync also allows you to choose who has access to these files. So that you can share movies and music with your friends whilst keeping important work documents private.


Dropbox, too, has become a must-have program for mobile computing. Like SugarSync, it permits you to instantly store files on all of your gadgets at the same time. It also comes in both free and paid varieties.