Enhance your Windows 8 experience with right peripherals

Enhance your Windows 8 experience with right peripherals

You invested in the new Windows 8 operating system mainly because the system’s new touch-screen capabilities intrigued you. There’s just one problem: Your older computer is not a touch screen. You still open files, scour the Web and manage e-mail messages using an old-fashioned mouse and keyboard. And what if you utilize a tablet running Windows 8? You’ll be lacking the many mouse- and keyboard-controlled features of the product. Don’t lose heart. Traditional laptop and desktop users are still able to enjoy many of the touch-screen and gesture-based features incorporated into Windows 8. And tablet users can enjoy the keyboard- and mouse-based features. You just need to invest in the appropriate peripherals. Fortunately, PC Magazine recently ran a feature story outlining a few of these must-have Windows 8 add-ons.


Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard


PC Magazine points out the Microsoft Wedge isn’t just a portable keyboard. Additionally, it is an essential tool to allow tablet users to get the most of the Windows 8 experience. For starters, the keyboard provides a better typing experience than your tablet’s on-screen keyboard. Secondly, Windows 8 features are part of the keypad. The cover becomes a tablet stand, allowing you to mimic the desktop experience.


Logitech T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad


There’s a reason why the editors at PC Magazine named the Logitech T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad their top choice for Windows 8 computer mice: This touchpad replicates all those nifty touch-screen options that come with the operating system for users who are still computing on traditional mouse-and-keyboard-powered desktops and laptops. If you desire the complete touch-screen-enhanced Windows 8 experience, make sure you purchase this peripheral.


Kingston DataTraveler Workspace


Need to take your Windows 8 experience on the road, but you would rather not lug a laptop on the plane? It’s time to invest in the Kingston DataTraveler Workspace. This nifty device appears to be an ordinary USB drive. However, it actually contains Windows To Go, a portable version of the Windows 8 operating system. Using this device, that fits in your pocket, you can boot up Windows 8 on any computer of your choosing.