Dressing for Success Can Help Your Career More Then You Think

Dressing for Success Can Help Your Career More Then You Think

Putting your best foot forward in life makes a difference, particularly in the workplace. Hooking a job is more difficult now then ever, so it is more important than ever to dress for success.

That’s right. What you wear to the office and to job interviews still matters. Yes, a lot more people are telecommuting. More people are arriving to work in jeans and t-shirts. However, that does not mean that you should dress casually for an interview.

Here is a simple rule for a interview: Overdressed is far better than under-dressed. Even if you’re interviewing for a company with a relaxed working environment, you’ll still need to wear proper business attire to your interview. The better dressed you are, the more you show yourself off as someone who is serious about their career and this particular job. If you show up to an interview dressed down, you’re starting from a weaker position.

In the workplace you should still evaluate the clothing you wear. Even in a casual place you can certainly still look sharp. If you just grab yesterday’s jeans off the floor and run out the door you won’t get noticed. Individuals who put more thought into their style stand out from their peers, which is never a bad thing if your boss is looking to promote someone!

It goes without saying that looking great isn’t a replacement for being a good worker. Actions will always speak louder than appearance. That being said, standing out because you are a wonderful employee AND a smart dresser isn’t a bad thing!