Downloading Alternative Browsers on Your iPad

Downloading Alternative Browsers on Your iPad

Apple’s Safari, the default web browser on all iPads and iPhones, is a powerful piece of software. Users can count on Safari to quickly find and load their favorite web pages. But let’s say you’d prefer to browse with Opera, Dolphin, or Chrome? Thankfully you can download any browser you’d like to your iPad or iPhone. The bad news? Unless you’re able to manually tinker with your Apple gadget – and that’s something only knowledgeable techies should try – Safari will forever remain your device’s default browser.


The default option


This means that when you tap a link in a program, your iPad or iPhone will automatically use Safari to open that link. If you would rather open the link in another web browser that you have downloaded to your device, you’ll have to copy the link, open your alternative browser, and then paste your link in that browser’s search bar. Is this an irritation? A bit. But if you really prefer an alternative browser to Safari, then you’ll take the extra step.


Alternative browsers


As Rob Pegoraro recently wrote in a column for USA Today, Google put the spotlight on alternate iPad and iPhone browsers with its release of Chrome software made to run on Apple’s iOS operating system. Today, Apple users are often downloading such options as the Dolphin web browser, Chrome, and Opera to search the web. Doing so is a breeze. Simply log onto these browsers’ web homes from your Apple gadget and find the download instructions. Once you download the browsers you can use them to surf the web.


A mix and match approach


Using different browsers for various purposes can help you stay organized. For example, you may want to use Safari as your general web surfing browser and use Chrome or Opera to keep the tabs open you use for private matters. Or maybe you would like to use Dolphin for business. In either case, do not let the fact that Safari is your gadget’s default browser keep you from downloading and utilizing your favorite browser.