Do Not Waste Money on Antivirus Software for Your Phone

Do Not Waste Money on Antivirus Software for Your Phone

In recent months Antivirus software has failed to identify and contain some huge malware attacks. This has caused it to take a beating in the media.

Antivirus Not Necessary on Smartphones?

There has also been a realization recently that individuals who do the majority of their computing via smartphone most likely don’t need Antivirus software. Many people check their emails, social media accounts, and surf the web utilizing their smartphones. If the antivirus industry doesn’t build software that is helpful to these folks, they are passing up on a valuable market.

Smartphones vs. PCs

First, modern smartphones operate in a different way than traditional PCs and laptops. On a smartphone, each app is provided with its own work environment and isn’t able to access the data contained in other apps. This really is a nice security upgrade from the world of PCs and laptops. Malware that is just installed onto a smartphone will be able to do little harm. So there is the first strike against conventional antivirus software: there’s not as much need for it on a smartphone.

Secondly, due to the way smartphones work, antivirus software won’t be able to do much to combat any malware smartphone users pick up. That is because antivirus software won’t be able to scan multiple apps to search for trouble.

Smartphone Antivirus Programs

That hasn’t stopped companies from providing antivirus apps for smartphones. For instance VirusBarrier, which is an antivirus program that smartphone users can purchase in Apple’s App Store. However , the program doesn’t scan anything on a smartphone because it can’t. Consumers, then, who want to scan email attachments have to send it to VirusBarrier from inside their mail program. This is not just annoying, it’s also fairly inadequate. Consumers should consider this good news. There actually is no reason for them to waste their funds on antivirus software for their smartphones.