Data Storage Solutions - Data Domain DD8800

Data Storage Solutions – Data Domain DD8800


Data Domain just announced a new product, the DD880, on Monday, July 20th, 2009:

“Data Domain (NASDAQ: DDUP), the leading provider of deduplication storage systems, today announced the Data Domain DD880, the industry’s highest performance inline deduplication storage system for enterprise backup and archive applications. With aggregate throughput up to 5.4 TB/hour, faster per controller than conventional virtual tape library (VTL) systems, and single-stream throughput up to 1.2 TB/hour to enable protection of large databases in short backup windows, the DD880 establishes consistently high benchmarks across the spectrum of common data center backup metrics. A DD880 system supports up to 71 TB of associated addressable, post-RAID, pre-deduplication disk storage. A fully configured Data Domain DDX Array with 16 DD880 controllers increases aggregate throughput performance to up to 86 TB/hour and offers up to 56 petabytes of usable capacity, delivering the capability for long-term online retention to large, consolidated data centers.”

While this product isn’t for every environment, ETS enterprise customers may be interested in the extended capacity and speed of data storage and data storage deduplication that this model will offer.

For smaller organizations, ETS offers a fully managed backup and disaster recovery solution (BDR). This solution scales from 500GB up to 4TB.  This system also offers offsite replication and virtual server recovery for temporary operation during a system failure.