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Like in other sectors of the economy, IT Management plays a central role in creating and sustaining a competitive advantage for commercial construction businesses. The industry’s complex chains of operation stand to benefit a great deal from various innovative IT solutions. Digital tools provide commercial construction companies with a solid information base for strategic decision making. The tools are vital in enhancing efficiency in various aspects of the business. In addition, Information Technology Management enables the industry to fast-track planning, implementation, and control of projects and services.

Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) is a reputable provider of innovative industry IT solutions for construction businesses in Phoenix. ETS offers IT management tools that support commercial construction processes, including production, project management, and strategic business operations.

IT Management Tools for Commercial Construction Businesses

Timely supply and distribution of materials and other resources continue to remain a cornerstone in the construction subsector. Companies in this sector are always working hard to keep track of their assets while at the same time maintaining a smooth flow of operations. This is significant as far as quality and timely deliverables are concerned.

Accurate, timely, and regular flow of information between companies’ headquarters and their respective construction sites remains a significant challenge for the industry. Commercial construction businesses also require quick and efficient systems for sharing information regarding inventory, deliveries, project schedules, and staff duty rosters.

ETS offers smart IT solutions for this industry. Our IT management platform is both reliable and effective. It makes it convenient for managers and workers in various construction sites to have real-time access to all the relevant information through an integrated system. ETS understands that the business environment keeps on changing. It is in response that we have continued to provide not only adaptive but also flexible IT management solutions to our clients. Our technology solutions are strategic, user-friendly, cost-effective, and sustainable. We offer a number of extensive support services to our clients, including IT project support and consultancy.

Client Success Stories

Enterprise Technology Services has successfully supported a number of commercial construction companies. A good example is Jokake Construction Company, a Phoenix-based firm with over 25 years in the construction industry. Before our partnership, the firm had a number of frustrating issues with their IT infrastructure. Jokake Construction has since turned IT into one of its assets.

ETS offered them a tailored IT network solution after having a comprehensive understanding of what the firm had and what they needed. Jokake Construction, through its president, has since hailed that securing the services of ETS has remained one of the best decisions the company has ever made. The firm continues to receive IT support services from ETS.

If you are looking for IT management for your commercial construction business in Phoenix, our service professionals are always ready to listen to your business needs and present a customized solution that will positively transform your business and drive it to a higher level. Contact us today.



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