Citrix Virtual Desktop – Xen 3.0

Citrix Virtual Desktop – Xen 3.0


The new XenDesktop 3.0 offers major technology advantages when compared to other virtual desktop infrastructure products.

The successful integration of XenSource coupled with the position of XenApp (Presentation Server), helps XenDesktop 3.0 leverage the ICA protocol to stream virtual desktops to clients. Its virtual desktop infrastructure, or VDI, competitors use the RDP protocol. While RDP 6.0 has closed the gap, ICA still lends itself to a superior virtual desktop experience.

ICA includes enhancements that still plague the RDP protocol and has been utilized effectively for years, even in slow-moving dialup environments. However, with Xen Server it’s simple to build the back-end server virtualization components to host the virtual desktops. And Citrix doesn’t force you into using XenServer; you can use any server virtualization platform that you choose.

Getting XenDesktop ready to serve out virtual desktops requires some integration work. The Two core XenDesktop server components make everything happen, and Citrix recommends that each be run on its own dedicated hardware. The Provisioning Server component manages the base virtual desktop images and provides terrific deduplication features.

The Desktop Delivery Controller server is the 2nd piece needed to finish the XenDesktop puzzle. The DDC is in-charge of authentication, connection brokering, and Web accessibility to user virtual desktops.  These components tie everything together and provide a rich user experience.

Citrix also delivers a rich 3-D user experience coupled with the ability to serve out computer-aided design and other graphically intensive applications via XenDesktop. Citrix Admins that are used to managing a Citrix Presentation Server or XenApp infrastructure will feel right at home managing a Citrix Virtual Desktop environment.