Which Mobile Device is Hacked Most Often? | Enterprise Technology Services

Can you guess which mobile device is hacked most often?

Apple’s iPhone collection of smartphones remains popular among consumers. Unfortunately, they’re also popular among a less savory group, hackers. Business Insider recently reported on a new study that found that the iPhone stands as the most hacked mobile device. And most stunning? It’s not close – the iPhone is the most hacked by a ton.

The most hacked

Business Insider reports on the recent study “25 Years of Vulnerabilities” by Web security firm SourceFire. The report tracks how many Critical Vulnerabilities – better known as CREs – experienced by many different devices and software. When it came to mobile devices, Apple’s iPhone line had suffered far more hacks than does every other. The SourceFire report found 210 CVE reports on iPhone devices. In comparison, it found just 24 for Android devices.


What’s behind the disparity? Why does the iPhone suffer so many more hack attacks? There isn’t one simple answer. Business Insider, though, questions if the popularity of the iPhone is behind the higher numbers. Naturally, it seems sensible that hackers would like to target the most popular mobile devices. There’s a problem with this argument, though. Last year, the buzz and market share of Android-powered mobile devices soared. But while this happened, the number of CVE reports on Android devices actually fell. So as the devices became more popular, they suffered fewer attacks.

Going after the king

In an interview with Web site ZDNet, the author of the SourceFire report theorized that hackers may target the iPhone because breaking into it is more of a challenge. Android devices feature an open platform. This implies it is relatively easy for third-party and dangerous apps to be made accessible to consumers who download them on their own. That’s not the case with Apple, which does not operate on an open platform.