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Network Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)

Regardless of your company’s size, you can have the same level of backup and disaster recovery protection as large enterprises – at a fraction of the cost. Your risk of being put out of business by the loss of mission-critical data is virtually eliminated. Learn more about: Disaster Recovery Planning

From minor memos and emails to major files and contracts, data is a critical part of any business. An essential way to keep your business running smoothly is to prepare for any potential disasters. To protect your business from disaster and data loss, be sure you have a network backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plan. Find out more about BDR, why it’s important for your company, and what you can do to keep your files and data safe, secure and backed up in the event of a disaster.

What Is Network Backup and Disaster Recovery?

These two strategies are very similar and often go hand-in-hand. However, there’s a significant difference between backup and disaster recovery. Both are strategies to protect your information. If your servers are down due to human error, power outage, or infrastructure failure, your business can lose important files. Completely losing files could be a devastating blow to any company, so you need to have your network backed up consistently.

Local Backup For Data

Backups can either be local or cloud-based. Local backup typically uses external hard drives, secondary computers or other physical storage devices to keep your files in a separate place. This is a great way to protect your files from power outages or data theft but is still at risk of being stolen.

Backup Data With The Cloud You can also backup your files on the cloud, but this doesn’t protect your information from cyber attacks, and it won’t be available if you’ve lost access to the internet. Both forms of backup have their pros and cons. Backup without disaster recovery could result in a significant amount of downtime as you attempt to recover your systems from your backup location.

Data Disaster Recovery is a more efficient service. In the event of a disaster, you need to be able to bring back your entire system quickly. Disaster recovery is the act of bringing your data and files back online and accessible. Not only do you need to keep your files safe, but you need to get your business running again as soon as possible after a disaster.

Innovative Technology Enterprise Technology Services uses ProView BDR services. This completely automated system can back up your system every 15 minutes so that you won’t lose a single hour of work. Unlike unreliable local backup options, like tapes, ProView managed backup is safe and efficient. This innovative service includes:

  • Disk-to-disk backups
  • Exchange mailbox and message recovery
  • 2:1 Compression of stored data
  • Constant management and monitoring
  • Both on and offsite solutions
  • 256-bit secure storage
  • Three-year warranty on hardware

Phoenix Technology Services

Don’t wait for a disaster to prepare. Look for a comprehensive and trustworthy BDR system for your business. When a natural or human-made disaster strikes and you haven’t backed up your files, it’s too late. Test your plan frequently to ensure your backup system works effectively, and you can recover all your files efficiently. Weigh the pros and cons of this ProView managed service, and feel safe knowing you’ve prepared for data disasters. For a fast and friendly company that specializes in Phoenix technology services, contact Enterprise Technology Services.

The BDR solution features:



Automatic, reliable backup of all data and applications to a local disk-based appliance



The ability to recover the smallest files or an entire server within an hour


Disaster Recovery Capability

Automatic, reliable backup of all data and applications to a local disk-based appliance


State of The Art Technology!

Complete Server Volume Image

Disk-to-Disk Block Level Backups

Onsite and Offsite Solution

Virtualization of Failed Servers

Bare Metal Restores to Dissimilar Hardware

24×7 Monitoring and Management

Exchange Mailbox/Message Recovery

SQL Server Database/Table Recovery

Backups as Frequent as Every 15 Minutes

2:1 Compression of all Stored Data

256-bit Secure Storage and Offsite Transfer

3-Year Hardware Warranty

Superior Data Recovery Capabilities!

Recover from any backup version

Recover an individual file

Perform a point-in-time recovery

Perform a full system recovery

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Client Feedback

“Our company experienced a devastating office fire in the middle of the night on a Thursday. Thanks to ETS and their invaluable BDR services, we had our server back up and running in a temporary office on Friday, the very next day. While the hardware and BDR platform may have saved us, it was the level of emergency attention we received from the staff at ETS that made us feel confident that our business wouldn’t skip a beat… which by the way, it never did.”

Shawn Oliver
Director of Technology
Republic Monetary Exchange